Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween Costumes Through The Years Tour

Happy Halloween!  Since today's full of spooky business and all things costumed & candy, I thought I'd do a little montage of Halloween's past for some festive fun.  The past couple weeks I shared our latest two, the Thrifty DIY Refrigerator and our Made At Home Turtle. Ready for a DIY costume tour? 

Last year's DIY Darkwig Duck Costume,

Foam & thrift store fun Viking,

and cuddly little wolf:

The fleece-y DIY Monarch Butterfly:

Mad Scientist with DIY Faux Fur Wig:

Our bearded Magical Wizard costume:

Our cuddly Fluffy Chicken costume:

That time we did a George Washington costume:

Felt Pac-man ghost costume:

Cuddly Pumpkin no-pattern costume:

Cartoon-style bank robber:

Secret message mask little ghost:

Princess Merida Tutorial with yarn wig & fleece arrow quiver:

Mini Roman soldier:

Knight in shining armor:

Eye patched pirate:

Enchanted Princess:

And of course, Star Wars Yoda, Han Solo & Princess Leia:

Whew.  I can't believe how many costumes this momma has sewn up over the years!  The orders have gotten taller and the novelty of making them sometimes wears off, but seeing these happy faces reminds me why it's worth it.  

Have a Happy & Safe Halloween!


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