Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Easy DIY Costumes: Old Time Bank Robber & BOO-tiful Ghost

My kids took it easy on me this year and came up with some simple costume requests. And let me tell you, I am seriously grateful.  Costume hat orders for my shop have kept me super busy so there hasn't been a lot of time to design and create complicated costumes for my own kiddies.  My 7yr old's was the most elaborate one and still super easy to do: An Old Time Bank Robber.  

Even non-crafty types can pull this one together and it makes a nice change from all the usual licensed characters kids get obsessed with these days.  My little guy was inspired by some Lego City guys he had - he loved the old school bank robber with the striped shirt.  The actual clothes were easy. A pair of dark jeans we had + a grey & black striped shirt (found for $6 at Target). I made him a basic fleece beanie hat in black and folded up the hem.  It's also a cheap & easy ready made item to buy if you're short on sewing time.

The mask was made with a modified version of my downloadable Batman mask pattern.  I trimmed off the bat points on my pattern and used the same black cotton, interfacing & elastic and assembly steps as before (see that post for the full mask making how-to).  Now he looks properly stealthy:

For my little burglar's money bag I got a plain drawstring canvas bag and painted on a giant dollar made from a freezer paper dollar sign stencil I whipped up (thanks to my SCAL software and Cricut).  Then I stuffed it full of empty plastic bags to look like a full bag of loot, but super light weight:

Add in a Mag flashlight and he's ready to prowl...well until he gets caught anyway:

My 4 yr old had the simple request of being a ghost.  This was great since I already had a white fleece ghost cape I'd made for robber boy when he was that age.  But of course when she saw her brother's mask, she wanted one too, so I went all ghosty on it and made her this:

I made hers out of white felt and used glow in the dark thread to embroider it with BOO! Now she'll have something spooky to say even when she gets too shy to say trick or treat:

The cape was just a basic circular design with hood, but I'd lined it with some cute Halloween cotton so it would look sweet.  

It's ideal because it's big enough to wear a coat underneath, but not too constraining and paired with the mask much safer for unsteady little feet than a long sheet with eyeholes.  

Add in my oldest wearing the pirate costume I made 2 years ago (which in and of itself was a partial recycle of a previous Han Solo ensemble), my trick or treaters are good to go. And mommy gets to breathe a sigh of costume relief this year.  Ahhh.....

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  1. Awesome costumes!!! I've linked to your post over at Craft Gossip:

  2. I love these costumes and these cute kids!!!!!!

  3. Love the simplicity of the robber costume, and the ghost is great for cold places so tahat you can bundle them up underneath!!

    1. Exactly Jill. We've had Halloweens walking through the snow before, so we're ready for whatever the weather throws at us.

  4. Those pics are priceless! Oh how your son is going to roll his eyes when he gets older (and we as moms LOVE those pics the most!). Tons of talent and creativity in these - thanks so much for sharing! xx, b @

    1. Oddly enough my son is the one ALWAYS wanting to drama it up. He'd probably make them into posters when he gets older!

  5. This is awesome! I showed it to my two boys and they love it!

    1. That's so wonderful to hear. Getting the kid seal of approval is a major compliment!

  6. I always hated when costumes were uncomfortable or had to be covered with coats. These two say goodbye to those problems:)

  7. I love the old-time bank robber one, but I do want to know how he came up with that as a costume idea? Kids are funny. Thanks for linking up to the weekend re-Treat link party!

    Britni @ Play. Party. Pin.

  8. SOO fun! and how easy! I love robber costume, might try to talk my son into that next year... he always wants to be a bad guy... and this isn't scary... love the ghost too, cute, not scary :o0 Pinned!!! Emily

  9. Great costumes Cheryl!
    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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