Friday, March 21, 2014

FREE PATTERN: My Little Mouse Stuffed Toy

A few weeks ago I shared the tutorial for my FlapHappy Backpack using some new colorful fabrics:

I also made a coordinating mouse stuffie to go with it and today I'm sharing how to make that too:)  Use it as a pincushion, stuffed animal or pet toy - a fast & fun sewing project!

As you can see, it's a hit with little folks:

Photo courtesy of Cindy Lindgren

- Cotton fabric (mine is from the Amelia Harper collection by Cindy Lindgren)
- Fiberfill
- 2 small buttons
- Hand sewing needle
- Sewing machine, iron, pins

For Free Printable Pattern Pieces, click HERE

* You can also get these pieces in a cut & sew fabric panel from Modern Yardage, as a FREE selvage project (with any fabric purchase), by putting MYLITTLEMOUSE in the notes section at the payment page of checkout:

FREE Fabric selvage project - use code MYLITTLEMOUSE

Cut pieces from fabric.

Pair up ear pieces with right sides facing.  Stitch around curve 1/8 in from edge.  

Clip around curve and turn right side out.  Press.

Cut through ear markings on mouse top piece.  Insert raw edge of ear into each opening. 

Stitch together on wrong side, close to raw edges.  Hand sew on button eyes on right side of fabric, if desired (for safety embroider stitch eyes instead of buttons if giving to pet or baby).

Fold long sides of tail inward to center and press. 

Fold tail in half and press again.  

Fold one end of tail inward and top stitch down the length to complete. 

Place mouse pieces together with right sides facing.  Sandwich tail in between at back end, facing inward.  

Stitch around entire mouse, leaving a 2 inch gap on one side.

Turn right side out, stuff with fiberfill and hand stitch closed.  Enjoy your mouse!

I'm also sharing this project with my FAVE LINK PARTIES.
Click HERE to check them out!


  1. So cute!!! I'd have to make it as a cat toy because there are 5 cats in my house. I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for this morning that links to your post:

    1. Great idea Anne - I'll have to make one for my sister (she has 7!). You could even add a little cat nip too. Thanks so much for featuring this:)

  2. Ooh you could fill this little guy with rice and use as a pincushion! :-)
    Thanks for your tute, your photos always make your instructions really clear.

    Gayle x

  3. I love the colors and design of this sweet little mouse!

  4. Aww these are so sweet, love the material too :) thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays, featuring your post this week...

  5. Very cute, I like the matching dress

  6. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I linked to your tutorial on my blog:
    This mouse can be a great cat toy!

    1. Thanks so much for including it and I've given your round-up a share:)


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