Friday, March 27, 2015

Oak Street Romper + 50% Off ALL Seamingly Smitten Patterns!

I've been sewing up a storm lately and scoping out all the new Spring patterns coming out. How about getting a big 50% off your next pattern purchase AND checking out a new pattern?  Seamingly Smitten is hooking up Sew Can Do readers with that very thing - just keep reading!
For a new look for the new season, the new Oak Street Romper Pattern lets you can create a cross-bodice romper with a deep v or more modest coverage. It features a gathered, elastic waist for a comfy fit.

I'd never thought of making a romper for myself before, but seeing how cute this different top & bottom half version looks is making me re-think that:

There are four sleeve length options too: sleeveless, short sleeves, three quarter length sleeves or long sleeves.  Plus make the shorts portion in your choice of three inseam lengths: 4”, 6” or 8”.

Now's a good time grab a few new patterns from the Seamingly Smitten shop at a bargain price. Sew Can Do readers can...

use code SPRING50 for 50% off your total order 
from now through April 3rd. 

Like the fabulous Lesley Flutter top.  I bought this pattern last year and love how easy it was to make and how chic it looks on.  I did mine in a navy stripe (my full review can be found here), but it's perfect for Spring in colors like this:

Or the Magnolia Street Wrap Dress, which I've made too.  It's an easy sew and so comfortable and flattering on:


Plus there are some seriously adorable kid's patterns to pick from too.  I've made several of these as well:

From left: Adelaide A-Line DressMaddie Peplum TopRory Girl's Romper, Boy's Romper 
Why Try Seamingly Smitten Patterns:
  • Tons of detailed photos
  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions
  • Photos for each step (no more guessing what the wording actually means!)
  • Tutorial-style directions & extra tips to save time
  • Sizing charts to get the right fit - including petite & tall
  • Instant downloads so you can start sewing right away

You can also keep up with new releases, plus find out about other bonus coupons and flash sales, via the Seamingly Smitten newsletter.  And for lots of helpful customer-made photos, in different fabrics & body types, visit the Seamingly Smitten Facebook page.  Happy Sewing!

Seamingly Smitten is a paying featured advertiser at Sew Can Do.  The opinions are completely my own, based on my honest experiences using & purchasing patterns from this shop.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fabric Hoarding Reformation - Is It Working?

Spring is finally here and I thought the start of a new season would be a good time to give an update on my fabric hoarding reformation.  I started back in January when I asked the question Are You A Fabric Hoarder Too? and loads of you raised your hands to tell me I wasn't alone:

The bottom line was my piles and bins of fabric had reached the point where I was trying to find space to store fabric more than I was using it.  Absolute craziness.  It was time to stop the madness.  And in February I shared my progress here, which saw me resisting the siren song of the fabric store and starting the chip away at my ridiculous stacks of fabric:

So now I'm 3 months in.  
Am I back to my fabric hoarding ways?

I can confidently say no.  I think I've turned a corner.  I'm not actively adding the the stash anymore (which had been an ongoing problem).  I can walk into the fabric store or see an email screaming BIG FABRIC SALE and not feel compelled to find something new - which was hard to resist a few months ago.

Just a few of my past impulse fabric buys

The good news is I have been sewing up a storm.  Instead of procrastinating or "saving for a special project", I've picked out a stack of Spring-style fabric from my stash and told myself to use them.  Now.  And it's actually happening!  I've just gotten terrible about photographing it and writing up blog posts for them, but one problem at a time, right?

Some of my stash-busting sewing for Spring
What's been working to de-hoard the stash?  

MINI-PILES.  It may sound a little crazy, but what's really helped whittle down my stash is putting several small piles right out in the open.  I'm not saying a stack as tall as the kids, but about once a month I'm taking a look through my bins and shelves and pulling out about 6-10 fabrics.  Right now I grabbed Spring/pastels and put them on my craft room counter. After a couple of days of just looking at them I started to separate it into  "Have an idea" pile and a "Don't Know" pile.  

Why they've worked: Seeing them out reminds me they need to be used, and keeping with the current season/themes around me encourages using them.  When I have a little free time I tell myself to start there. Not only have I used up about a dozen yards in the past 2 months, but it's also helped me get a plan for my projects better.  I don't have any more free time than I did before, but I'm using it more effectively.   Added Bonus: It's also given me a reason to sift through my patterns more too and finally use some that I'd forgotten about or kept postponing because there was a technique or step I didn't want to do.

OUT WITH THE OLD:  Seeing a handful of prints out in the open (not in a tightly packed stack) has also made me realize that my tastes have changed too.  Some fabrics that I LOVED a year or two ago, just aren't as fabulous to me now or what I originally wanted them for isn't needed anymore.  Hanging onto them doesn't make sense, so a few more of the "Don't know" fabrics will be added to my Etsy shop or given away.  

A few of the still nice, but just don't need fabrics
"1 IN, 2 OUT" RULE.  I mentioned this in my previous hoarding posts.  After I bought 6 yards last month on a trip in Canada, I then went to my bins to de-stash.  I pulled out more than 12 fabrics I knew I could part with, added part of them to my shop and donated the rest.  It wasn't even that hard to let them go.  Emotionally detaching from one's stash is the key to getting things under control.

And I've also been compiling some themed bundles to do a few fabric giveaways soon so I can give them to someone who is ready & eager to use them.

I've also learned a few more ways to keep the fabric hoarding from returning.  The LAST thing I need to do after I whittle things down is go on a fabric spree and do it all over again!

Stopping Future Fabric Hoarding

Buying With Purpose:  As I try to work through my stash one thing I've really noticed is how many fabrics I've bought because they were a fun print or really eye-catching, but I never had a clue what to do with them.  Even while telling myself to make something with them now, I'm still a bit stymied on what to create.  I let the "Ooohhh pretty!" design overrule common sense on what I could use or need.  Yes, that fabric may be gone if I don't buy it now, but more fabulous fabric will replace it.  It always does.  It's worth waiting for the fabric you really love AND know you can use.

Picking Flattering Fabric.  This is key for apparel making & I'd been doing it wrong.  With fabric it's so easy to fall in love with a print or type of fabric, but if you're planning to make something to wear with it - look at it in the mirror.  I saw a knit in the store I liked the other day, but when I saw it next to my face and hair, the colors didn't suit me at all.  I've got a number of multi-yard cuts I bought to make into clothing for myself and now when I look at them next to my skin tone I realize they aren't the most flattering, the weight is wrong or the print looks too twee or busy.  Which means I probably won't wear them that much.   Time to rethink what to do with them or give them a new home.  Going forward I'm going to be a bit more careful when shopping for fabrics for myself. 

And on that note, I did a bit of Spring cleaning to get rid off some old clothes and one thing that stood out was how much clothing I've made for myself that I don't wear.  Either the fit isn't quite right or the print looks better on the hanger than on me. It's clear I've done the same thing picking patterns for myself as I have with fabric.  I'm considering those past projects as good practice for honing my sewing skills, but in the future I'm going to be choosier on selecting patterns for myself too. 

I've still got a long way to go.  Actively going through my stash makes me realize just how hoarder-iffic I'd gotten, but I'm going to keep with it so I'll end up with less full bins and more finished projects.

And if YOU have any other ideas, experiences, hoarding anecdotes, etc. go ahead and share them in the comments.  We fabric hoarders love to know we're not alone!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring's First Craftastic Monday Link Party

Welcome to the first Craftastic Monday of Spring!  Seeing the snow gone, sunshine and a new season is so inspiring.  And so are all your great links, so come share them!  Crafts, recipes, DIY, sewing, crochet - anything made by you is welcome.  Just remember to link back to the party somewhere if you want a chance to be featured here, on Twitter AND on Pinterest.

Last week I shared my easy Convertible Sleeping Bag Tutorial. It turns from a cuddly sleep sack to a full blanket in a snap! 

Plus there's a fun hidden detail on the inside.

There's still time to enter my DIY Crush Pattern Marketplace Pattern Giveaway.  It's open Worldwide and the winner gets to choose 3 patterns.  Click HERE to enter.

Want more people to see your blog/shop & FB page?

Don't forget - after linking your latest project posts below, head over to the Sew Can Do Facebook page to join in the Craftastic Monday Mixer.  

Why join the Mixer?  It's FREE advertising for YOUR your site/Facebook page, and you can find some new sites you might love at the same time.  It takes just seconds, so why not add yours? Who couldn't use a few more likes & views?!? 

How It Works:
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Now let's see those Craftastic picks..

Woods of Bell Trees showed how to create some sweet fridge vases for those fresh Spring flowers:

Pink Recipe Box had a great recipe for skinny baked strawberry doughnuts

Ash and Crafts shared this adorable pom pom bunny:

Vintage Zest made some healthy spicy turnip chips:

If you're one of this week's features, be sure to grab my Featured On button over on my Buttons Page to share the good news.  

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Ready to link up your crafty creations?

Party rules are simple:
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Friday, March 20, 2015

New Spring Pattern: Carolina Sweetheart Dress by Terra's Treasures

It's officially Spring!!  Are you as ready to sew up some Spring clothes as I am?  Today I've got news on a great spring pattern from one of my favorite pattern designers (and lovely advertiser), Terra's Treasures.  Check out the new the Carolina Sweetheart Dress pattern:

This PDF dress pattern has a charming sweetheart neckline, flutter sleeves and fully lined design.  There's also the option to use to multiple sizes of lace or crochet work for neckline and mid-hem trim.

And check out the cute button loop back detail:

The pattern includes sizes 12 months to girl's 14 for lots of years of use.

By doing a contrasting sleeves and hem trim, like in this version, it's easy to use up some small amounts of fabric -   the kinds we tend to keep in our stashes that aren't quite enough for a full item, but are begging to be used in something cute:

And there are lots of other great Terra's Treasures patterns available for Spring for both boys and girls:

Terra's Treasures has patterns that:

     Large size ranges for each pattern so they can be used for years.

   Full color photos and easy to follow instructions suitable for beginners.

  - Great tips & tricks for sewing knits without a serger.   

 - Many that work for both boys & girls - no need to buy separate patterns!

The things I make with Terra's patterns always turn out nice.  I'm going to start making a few new things with some of the Terra's Treasures patterns I own (and use often) and get the kids' Spring wardrobe going!

Terra's Treasures is a paying advertiser on Sew Can DoThe opinions are completely my own, based on my experiences.  For my complete disclosure policy, see HERE.


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