Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Ultra Easy Grapevine Easter Bunny Wreath Tutorial

With a baby arriving at any time, I wanted to get a few springtime projects done this month, but nothing that would take more than an hour to put together.  I had the idea of this Ultra Easy Bunny Wreath and it was even faster to do than I expected and so perfect for celebrating spring:

It's made from natural vines and has lifelike greenery ears:

With loads of springtime flowers and a fluffy bunny tail:

It's just what I needed to kick off the spring and Easter holiday season:

It was so quick & inexpensive to make too.  With sales, coupons and a few things already on hand, it cost me under $15 to make.  I really need more projects like this with my limited time situation.

- Small and medium size grapevine wreaths
- Zip ties
- Wired vines or greenery
- Wired floral picks and silk flower bunches
- Hot glue gun
- Snips or wire cutter

Start by using zip ties to attach the two wreaths together, having the smaller one overlap over the front of the larger one a bit.

Cut 2 pieces of wired greenery to be 20 inches long and then make them into loops, twisting the ends together.

Weave the twisted ends to loop under a few branches of the top wreath and bend & twist.

Now the decorating!! Weave some sprigs of flowers between the vines, bending and spreading as desired.

I also clipped flower sprigs off some wired stem bundles I had leftover from other projects and layered those in too to fill things up.  Use hot glue to anchor them under leaves where it won't show.  Hot glue the pom pom tail to the center end of the bottom wreath and it's ready to hang.

Hang it out on the front door or wall inside for some seasonal decor.  Happy Spring & Happy Easter!


  1. Hi Cheryl,
    This is adorable. And who doesn't like projects that take only an hour?! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

    1. Right? I think 2018 is going to be my year of "minimal time required" projects!


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