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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let Down Your Hair: Rapunzel Hairdo Hat

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Today I thought I'd share something I completed a while back for a special customer: Rapunzel Hairdo Hats.  At Christmastime, a friend of mine asked if I could make some custom hairdo hats for her three little girls. They loved the movie Tangled & pretending to be Rapunzel, so I made them these hats for their favorite fairy tale playtime.

I originally designed an enchanted princess hairdo hat for my daughter, which you may remember from Halloween:

I modified my original design for a full-on Rapunzel feel.  My friend wanted something that would be long, but not drag on the floor. So I created hats with long, lovely fleece braids (ankle-length based on each girl's height), accented with silk flowers,

And satin bows to tie up the ends:

I made each one in a different shade of pink so they could tell their custom length hair apart, but they'd still be similar enough that there would be no chance of squabbling over who has what color (as one of 3 girls myself, I know all about that!)

Does it sound a little crazy to say even though I'm a grown woman I secretly want to wear one too?

These were a big hit with the three little princesses, so knowing they love wearing them is probably as good as being able to wear one myself!

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy & Crafty Halloween Costumes!

Ready for a little costume fashion show?  I'm really proud of this year's effort.  We decided on what everyone was going to be in advance, but I didn't actually start planning or working on them until last week after I'd gotten all my Halloween shop orders done.  Part of the enjoyment for me is designing the costumes myself so I really didn't want to go the store bought or store pattern route even though there wasn't heaps of time.  Strangely enough, once I had kicked out so many custom costumes & hats for the shop, making these as "something for fun" felt like a walk in the park!

Last year my trio had a Star Wars theme going:

So this year we went with a storybook adventure feel so they could kind of go together again.  Here's my little swashbuckler, the self-named "Captain Nightmare" (I don't even know where he got that from, but he's insisting we call him that).

But don't worry, he's a friendly pirate:

His costume was the easiest to throw together.  The Pint-Sized Pirate Hat & Eyepatch I made for him earlier this year.  I made a little sash with some striped quilting cotton and stitched some skull and crossbones buttons onto the fleece vest I made for his Han Solo costume last year.  Foam sword from the $1 section at Target.  Plain white shirt & pants from his closet.  Mustache courtesy of an eyeliner pencil and...Poof!  He's a swashbuckler ready for adventure.

My oldest son is another sort of adventurer - a knight in shining armor.  Ready to take on any dragons (or candy) he finds along the way:

Using materials from my stash, I made him a tunic from fleece using a simple kid's pullover vest pattern I lengthened.  I added some tapestry-style ribbon trim to the hem and a belt I made from silver pleather with some antique looking buttons for detail.  I made a collared cape from fleece that was a different shade of blue, added some silver cord at the opening and some knight-like buttons.  I found those at Joanns in a mad dash literally 2 minutes before they closed one night.  Fastest shopping trip there EVER.  And it was like they were made for this with their crests that say "Honor":

I modified my Little Vader hat design to make his helmet using silver pleather on the outside and blue fleece lining.  I reshaped the front part so it would have more of a face guard look like a proper knight:

And of course every knight has to have a shield, so I made this one with a fleur de lis applique in fleece, (also using the pleather) and with a loop on the back so he can have it on his arm, but still keep his hands free for trick or treating.  Used some grey thermal pyjamas & fleece sweatpants from the closet to go underneath.  Another $1 section sword and his costume was complete!

And what would two heroes be without a little damsel?

She's always willing to get a hand from her brothers, but she's definitely the "I can save myself" type.  And already very fond of dressing up at just 2 years old.  Last Friday's post showcased her majesty's costume in more detail, but I had to include a few pics here too.  Being all fleece means it she can keep a cool, regal gaze but the rest of her will stay toasty warm:

Hope you had fun checking these out.  Have a very happy & safe Halloween everyone!!

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