Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Reupholstered Storage Cube ANYONE Can Do

Do you love DIY'd home decor?  Doing makeovers on stuff in the house?  I love the idea of revamping things to pretty up my house, but execution-wise, I always feel like I'm flailing around.  Stuff ends up looking like I cobbled it together myself.  Blindfolded.   Is that better than just buying something new?  Not really.  Except with today's project.  Which tells me if I can make it look good anyone can.

We had this rattan cube for years.  The kids stored their dress-up clothes in it and helped keep our family room from totally being taken over by kid stuff.  I'd loved it, but it started to show its age and look worn out:

We found a bigger basket hamper to replace it, but I still couldn't bear to throw this guy away.  His bones were still good, just looking superficially rough.  There was no way I could repair his woven exterior, but I could give him a total body lift!     

Added bonus: it cost me $0.  That's right: FREE.  I had some old batting and this really nice Waverly Home Decor fabric in my stash crying out to be used:

I'd won the fabric as a prize in a design competition a few years back - when I'd created this fabric clock project:  

Knowing I wasn't out any money really helped.  If things turned disastrous, it wouldn't be a loss, right?  I tend to get paralyzed with indecision when tackling a new home project, because I'm afraid I'm going to mess up and waste valuable materials.  Great mentality for a crafter, right?  Ha.

- Ratty storage cube
- Home decor fabric ( I used about 1 1/2yds)
- Poly batting 
- Staple gun
- Sewing machine
- Notions: Yard stick/ruler, rotary cutter

First I used pliers to pull out the staples that held the rattan on:

Then, I carefully cut through one side to easily take it off in one piece:  

The base unit was MDF & thin wood veneer.  Not nice on it's own, but perfect for upholstering with a little padding & fabric:

I measured the sides and decided to cut four pieces that were 1/2 inch wider on either side (for the seam allowance) and 2 inch higher on top & bottom for folding in.  For the lid I added an extra 1/4 inch on all sides of the top piece and for the lid side strips, I added 1/4 inch to the short sides and 2 1/4 inches to the height.  I also cut the same pieces from my batting.

I stitched the four sides together to make the main shell and did the same with the corresponding batting.  

I slide the batting into place and then carefully pull the fabric "sleeve" over it.  It was a snug fit, so I went slowly to keep the batting from shifting.

I measured my fabric sleeve all the way around and shifted as needed to make sure there was 2 inches on all sides:

Once everything was even, I set to double folded the raw edge under and then stapling it down underneath and on the inside.  Holding it taught is key.

I started in the middle to anchor things and then folded the corners in, flattening them down and then stapling down the sides over them:

For the lid I stitched the thin side pieces to each of the lid top sides with a 1/4 inch seam allowance:

I made sure to stop stitching a little bit before the ends, so it would be easier to do the short sides:

For the sides, I pulled them together and stitched down, crossing over the stitching at the top to get the corners nice & crisp.  

I did the samewith the batting version and then the folding + stapling to secure them to the lid.

The nicest part is every time I look at it I'm pleased and like how it turned out.  This is the total opposite of most of my DIY home projects (where I notice my goofs more than anything).It looks like it came from a store - even up close - which is my "decor success" test.  

So often DIY projects look great in those far away beauty shots online, but get next to them in real life and the homemade-y quality jumps out.  Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist, but when I'm asked "Oh, did you make that?" that always translates to "Cause it looks like it!" in my mind.  I guess this is a reminder to keep on trying, because sometimes it'll end up a winner!


  1. Great tutorial, and the storage box is really gorgeous. I'm the same way with my projects - I always aim for perfection whether it happens or not. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks so much and I'm glad I'm not the only one. Sometimes my pickiness stops me from doing projects - my hands' abilities don't always match my brain's vision!

  2. What a fun party! Thanks so much for hosting!

  3. I love what you did with the storage cube. It looks great. I will be featuring this tonight at my Swing into Spring party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.

    1. That's a big compliment - I always love your transformations, so being featured is a real honor:)


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