Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fun St. Patrick's Day Craft Ideas

Confession: I've been so eager for Spring to appear that I've not even thought about St. Patrick's Day projects this year.  I know, I'm a terrible craft blogger...or maybe I'm a genius for not bombarding you with 30 days worth of leprechauns, clovers and everything green covered projects.  I don't know about everyone else, but the constant stream of holiday projects everywhere can really zap my excitement over the occasion.
Yet, I don't want to totally neglect the crafty spirit of the holiday, here are a few past tutorials that celebrate green and rainbows St. Patrick's Day-style:

Maximize that Irish clover luck with my Plenty O'Luck Shamrock Shirt: The giant appliqué shamrock is made from loads of smaller clovers for a fun, textured feel: 

Remember my Scented Flower Pot Pincushion from last week?  I used the same flower die to cut these!   And who couldn't use the extra luck from so many four leaf clovers?  

The Rainbow 'Stache Bag.  A roomy, deep tote that shows off a reverse applique (meaning it's sewn under a cut out shape instead of just stitched on top).  The rainbow is made with some bright solids, so even if you're not a mustache fan, you can rock a colorful looking applique with this how-to.

For edible crafts, make some of my Candy Button Clovers. They take minutes to make and add some festive fun:

So whether you go all out with head to toe green, decorate with rainbows or just have a quick nibble of a lucky clover - here are a few projects that'll celebrate the holiday crafty-style;)

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  1. Great ways to celebrate St. Patty's Day. The shamrock shirt and candy clovers are sweet, and the mustache bag is a colorful accent. Nice ideas, Cheryl!


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