Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Past Holiday Projects: The Plenty O'Luck Shamrock Shirt

Lately I've spent most of my time on spring-themed projects, family birthday/wedding commitments and cleaning up our garbage dump lovely home for Easter.  Poor St. Patrick's Day has kind of gotten neglected this year.  When I pulled this shirt out of the closet for my little guy to wear this year it reminded me how much I loved this project, so I thought I'd re-share it.  Everything old is new again, right?  I didn't totally forget you St. Patrick's Day!

I created this shirt especially for my 6yr old son, Declan.  Even though we're not Irish, we gave him a very traditional Irish name, so St. Patrick's Day is a special day for our little guy. Now he's got something special to help celebrate: the Plenty O'Luck Shamrock Shirt.

The applique shamrock is made from smaller shamrocks for a fun, textured feel.  And who couldn't use the extra luck from so many four leaf clovers?  Here's how to make it - 

You'll Need:
- White t-shirt
- Green felt
Sewing Notions (matching thread, pins, shears, sewing machine, ball point needle, disappearing marker)
- Optional: Cuttlebug/die cutter machine & 4 blossom flower die, hand sewing needle

First draw out the shamrock design on the shirt.  I used a glass and traced it with my disappearing marker to make four connecting circles like this:

Next the shamrocks need to be cut.  I cut about 55 shamrocks that were 1.5in in diameter. This can be done by hand, but using a die cutter like my Cuttlebug makes this go A LOT faster.

I used a die for a four petaled flower and just rounded off the tips:

I also hand cut a curved stem out of felt:

Lay out the shamrocks, starting at the outline and layering edges until reaching center, so the shirt can't be seen underneath:

Pin shamrocks into place and add stem, tucking the top end under the clovers:

Stitch the stem into place close to the edges:

Now there are two options for sewing the shamrocks in place with matching colored thread:  
  • Hand sew each one on with a few stitches in the center.  
  • Machine stitched with ball point needle.    

I wanted these to really stay on well, and do it quickly, so I used my machine.  Slide the front of the shirt over the free arm and starting at the outer edge of one side, stitch 3 straight stitches & backstitch over them on each shamrock.

It didn't really take that long and the effect is so worth it.  Doing it this way gives a nice layered look that isn't too "patterned".  I also added a single light green clover in the center for a little extra detail:

Perfect for adding a bit of extra luck to the day!  

I'm also sharing this project with my FAVE LINK PARTIES.
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  1. Cute! I want one for 3/17... lol!
    I found you today on Adventures of a DIY Mom's Linky. I hope you can stop by my blog and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  2. Really cute shirt for both big and little leprechauns. I want one!

  3. this cute shirt is a definite yes for ST Patty's Day. Thank you for sharing your lovely blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo


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