Friday, January 28, 2011

Geek Chic In The Picture

To close out this week of Geek Chic Office Gear, I've got this beyond easy way to make a statement with your favorite photos & a little fabric.  Like my other posts this week, I used fabric from the new Geeks Gone Wild collection by Kyla May.

Find a frame (I used a shadowbox style from Ikea to add a little extra dimensional "oompf"), then remove the back and trace this onto the desired fabric & cut out.  Attach to the backing using double stick tape.

You can leave as-is for a little decorative flair or add a photo.  Cut the photo into the same shape as the frame (I did a square to go in this square frame).  Center image over the fabric and attach via double stick tape. Reassemble the frame and boom!  Now you've got a unique frame in no time at all.  He's pretty fired up about it:

Add in a customized memo board, cup cosy and laptop case and you have a complete & one-of-a-kind office:

I hope you've enjoy my "Geek Week".  Obviously all these projects don't have to be done in a geek theme, but it definitely upped the hipness factor for me.  Come on back next week for some all new Valentine's stuff & Monday's Craftastic Link Party.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. That photo is perfect for this craft! I adore the fabric and will have to check out more of the Geeks Gone Wild - it looks and sound fun!


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