Thursday, January 27, 2011

Geek Chic Insulated Cup Cosy

For when your geek (or own inner geek) needs a coffee or some other hot drink to get through a day of programming, defragging or playing Word of Warcraft - there's this old school gamer Insulated Cup Cosy.  Made using some of my new fave fabric from the Geeks Gone Wild collection (designed by Kyla May for Timeless Treasures).  

It's pretty simple to make them and they definitely perk up a boring cup.  Here's how to rock your own:

What you'll need:
Outer cotton fabric
Cotton batting
1/4in elastic
A cute button
Double fold bias tape
Sewing notions (measuring tape, scissors, thread, hand sewing needle, pins, etc.)

First measure around the cup a few inches from the top.  Slide measuring tape down 5 inches and measure around.  Cut rectangles with your upper length measurement x 5 inches high from your outer fabric (2), cotton batting (2) and Insul-Fleece (1) 

Layer the pieces in a "sandwich" so the Insul-Fleece is in the middle, a piece of cotton batting is on either side of it and outside those are the outer cotton fabric pieces (with their right sides facing out).  Pin together.

Now take your lower cup measurement and mark it on the bottom side and cut through the layers so you'll end up with an upside down trapezoid shape:

Encase the raw edges in bias tape and stitch on.  To keep it easy I did the top and bottoms first and then cut separate pieces of bias tape for the sides and folded the raw ends inward.

Make a loop with your elastic and on the inside part of the cosy, stitch the loop near the edge on a short side.  On the other side near the edge sew on button.

Now every geek can be chillin' like a villain no matter how hot their drink may be.  Head back here tomorrow to see the last piece in my Geek Chic Office set!

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  1. haha - love that!! (just posted about my coffee cup sleeves today but they are so not as cool as yours! )


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