Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Decorated Cookie's Gingerbread Sewing Cottage

Today's treat is a special Gingerbread House from my lovely friend Meaghan from The Decorated Cookie.  Her blog is full of fabulous & creative edible crafts of all sorts.   The kind of delicious pretties I aspire to one day be able to make.   She's even got a shop, Chic Cookie Kits where you can get all the goods to make cute cookies too.  So let's give her a warm welcome & check out the tasty house she's sharing:

Hi everybody! It's Meaghan from The Decorated Cookie! A huge thank you to Cheryl and the Sew Can Do readers for letting me visit and yak about cookies. A bit about me: I wrote a book (Cookie Sensations), I make and blog about cookies and marshmallows and such crafty sweets (here), I'm the edible crafts gal at Craft Gossip  (here) blogging about other people's crafty food, and I have a 3-year old girl who is with me almost all the time. A little sampling of my work: some melted snowman cookies, fruit slice cookies, marshmallow village, flower marshmallows, birdy cookies, and lollipop cookie pops.

Now, I've dabbled a bit in needlework, crochet, knitting, even a little with my sewing machine. I want to be good at sewing, but I'm just not very handy with the needle and thread, which is why I oohed and aahed over Cheryl's work when I found Sew Can Do. And this mutual oohing and aahing over those-skills-the-other-has-that-we-covet led us to collaborate on a theme: Gingerbread Houses. Cheryl got the fabric side and I got the sugar side. Here is what I made:

Hey look, Mr. and Mrs. Stitch are going out for a walk.

Despite my cookie centered life, gingerbread houses are relatively new to me. I tend to stick with the 2-dimensional, and this gave me the perfect opportunity to break out of my cookie mold. So I tried my hand at a cottage with a sewing theme. After assembling the house with royal icing, I added some fondant and candy decorations. The button roof and path are fondant, the "rick rack" trim (impressed I knew that term sewing experts?) is piped with royal icing, the ball of yarn yard decor is a Twizzler and Dum Dum lollipop, the laced up sides are more Twizzlers.... See the details below and find a link to the tutorial at the end of this post.


for the full tutorial to make a gingerbread sewing cottage

Thank you Cheryl and Sew Can Do for having me!!


  1. I'm in awe of BOTH of you, since I lack both sewing and cookie decorating skills! Very clever use of twizzlers.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! SOooooooo cute! If only I had the time.............

  3. Oh My adorableness! (Hopping over from toddler awesome and soooo glad I did!)

  4. You are just awesome! I love this!!! :)

    I found you through FFF! I'm your newest follower! :)



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