Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nifty & Gifty

Well, the gifts are all officially finished.  Just in time too.  I thought I'd post a few of my favorites that were new to me and also turned out to be pretty easy to make.  First up is this velour bird rattle.  I love the tie-it-on-anything design and how fast & fun it was to put together.  My husband thought I bought it!  The pattern is from my fave Sweet Booties book.  I plan on making a bunch more in other fun fabrics.

Next is the Poky Little Puppy fabric book. It's even got the Little Golden Book binding on the edge.  I'm a sucker for nostalgic kids stuff.  The yard had all the pages laid out in order & instructions.  Just cut, add batting, stitch and done.  I literally did it all in less than an hour.  So easy and cute to make.

I got our niece a play baking set that had mixing bowls, rolling pin, etc., but it needed a little something, so I whipped up this little apron with some cupcake print flannel.  One long strip of fabric folded & stitched with a folded, gathered rectangle sandwiched in and stitched together at the opening.  Easy as pie, I mean cupcake;)

My oldest has been growing like a weed and needed some pjs bad, so using the latest issue of Ottobre Design, I made these long john style pajamas.  It's hard to find cute, but not too cutesy fabric for older boys, so I loved this polar bear print and its colors. 

Can't wait to give these out & see them in action!

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  1. WOW! I love some of your projects!!! So fun! I will be looking up the rattle!


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