Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Love

The best part of giving things you've made as gifts is seeing them being loved.  Especially when it's being loved by people you love.  As hokey as it sounds, it feels as good as getting something yourself.  Here are some action shots of some of the homemade gifts from my last post:
Little bird rattle for Serena (please ignore the unfortunate lady-in-a-robe background).  Also shown, her super easy Christmas themed baby suit (more info on that coming in a future post).

The Poky Puppy fabric book for Declan is also good for peekaboo. 
Polar Bear Pjs.  And the single gift request Ethan had for Santa - a Magic 8 ball.  Why we asked?  "It's got all the answers." was his reply.  Don't I wish it did.  Here's hoping next year is that easy.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and has a great new year.  I can't wait to craft it up with you in 2010!!

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  1. I agree! It is like getting a gift when you see what you've given loved and appreciated!


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