Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Look

Happy New Year!  After spending the past year looking at so many lovely blogs, I figured it was time this one got a new look for 2010.  Ta-da!  2009 brought some great milestones: my 1yr anniversary of learning to sew, my blog being discovered by other craft lovers and most importantly, the birth of my sweet daughter, Serena.  I'm hoping this new year will be full of more great things.  

I received some promising looking books & crafting gear for Christmas, so I'm looking forward to doing some reviews, showing new projects, coming up with more tutorials and sharing more of what I've learned.  Here's to a year of possibilities & discoveries!  


  1. Happy New Year! Look forward to seeing some more of your projects!

  2. Hi Cheryl, love the new look.
    Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2010. N x

  3. Like the new look! You have inspired me to get back to my creative side in 2010! I love looking at all your projects (I must say, I can't believe you've only been sewing for a year - you've made a ton of things in just one year!)My new years resolution is to not waste my evenings vegitating, and be productive instead! I'll let you know how successful I am - :-)

  4. Looking forward to hearing more about your little family and learning more about the crafty goodness you share.

  5. Your daughter is so cute! I love her face in this picture! I also love your designs! I don't always comment on here, but I love your stuff! :)


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