Monday, December 21, 2009

A Mouse In The House Cloth Diaper

I had this cute mouse fleece just waiting for the ideal project, so I was thrilled that it solved my nighttime diapering issue. Serena is sleeping through the night (yay!), but the challenge is diapers keeping up (boo!). I have a large stash of some really great cloth diapers (owning a baby store has its perks), but my girl is a marathon sleeper. Meaning she goes 12 hrs+ at a stretch. Keeping her pjs and the crib dry until morning isn't easy since she is a very heavy wetter and stuffing them with tons of inserts doesn't really work for her 3 month size bod. So I thought making a fleece diaper might do the trick. I traced another diaper I had for size and used bamboo velour for the lining, a layer of PUL, fleece for the outer and a binding of solid color fleece all the way around the edge.

The fleece is printed allover with cheese and came with appliqued mice on it, so it has the look of a fancy custom diaper, but none of the hassle. This thing really works (went 13hrs with no leak through) and since I'm a sucker for cute diapers, I love how it looks too. Now I'm combing through my fleece stash to make some more. Dry bed + cute diaper + using stuff I have on hand = can't go wrong! 


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