Friday, December 18, 2009

Scarfing Up Some Courage

Behold, my first knitting project, a scarf for my mom, as modeled by our resident shy reindeer. We call him that because my 4yr old has attempted to ride, cuddle, drag and otherwise abuse this poor thing every Christmas. Being hollow papier mache, he didn't stand a chance, but by some miracle he has survived and been left alone this year. Last year we found him peeking out from behind a couch one night and were convinced he'd actually been hiding. When Serena's walking this time next year, God help him. I think he may move out. The scarf seemed to help him come out of his shell though. All in all, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out (just a few mistakes) and am ready to try some more needle knitting.

I also have one of those knitting loom kits I'd bought for Ethan & I to do together last year and dragged that out last week to try out. I kind of feel like it's cheating, but the time saving is what attracted me to it, since time without a baby on one arm is hard to come by. I must say that the instructions leave a lot to be desired though. They just mention some random techniques and give no real direction on step order, or, more importantly for me, many pictures. I started a hat during a long car trip, but am kind of stuck on the next part. The stitches look good so far, but wayyyyyy too loose for my liking. I also keep thinking that if this thing really worked so well, why would anyone knit with needles when you can make the same stuff in just an hour or two with this. Has anyone tried these things before and have any opinions or suggestions?


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