Wednesday, September 4, 2019

DIY Flower Garden Birthday Party

Last week my daughter turned 10, so it was extended family party time.  As my only summer birthday kid, it's hands down the easiest one to host, which means doing themes is more fun (and almost always requested). 

My goal for this party was to make it pretty, but not break my neck.  I was determined to use as much as I already had in the house so I wouldn't have to spend a lot on single use things or have lots more stuff to store.  Amazingly, it actually worked - nearly everything was reused from parties past!

I had a couple of jumbo faux flowers that I'd bought years ago to use for photoshoots for my shops.  They'd just been sitting in the corner of my craft room, so they were perfect to put out as table decor.  I added a few giant tissue paper flowers to fill things in.

Smaller foam roses were from last year's Sewing Themed Birthday.  The beautiful branch and floral frame was from our Fairy Garden Birthday the year before that.  My husband had made it from fallen branches in our backyard to use as a photo booth frame and it had been too beautiful to toss out.  I'm so glad we saved it!! 

Pretty pastel paper straws in a mason jar served as extra functional decorations too:

Some galvanized tins I've used for past parties served as a perfect mini planters.  I added some faux flower stalks and felt dirt. 

I had some mini silicone baking pots that I filled with Raisinets to make edible dirt and threaded some silk flowers onto round suckers to make flowers to "sprout" from them:

At the eleventh hour I decided to make some modeling chocolate roses.  I only had orange candy melts in the house, but it worked out great since there were some orange flowers on the party plates.  

For our lunchtime spread I wanted to keep it easy prep-wise, so we did a sandwich making station.  I already had a flower shaped tray to lay out the meats & cheeses and some nesting flower shaped bowls for the other fixings (which we use all the time for salads & chips).

I made some pasta salad and a fruit salad to complete things.  The healthy foods, meant plenty of room for the treats after.

Our kids love having a birthday piñata, but I didn't have a bunch of piñata-useful materials on hand to DIY one.  I found this flower one on Amazon that was fairly inexpensive.

It held up great - the birthday girl, plus 4 teens got to give it some good whacks before all the candy fell out:

I worked with our local bakery to design this beautiful flower basket cake to go with everything else I'd put together.  They've always done a great job on cakes and everyone loved all the delicious frosting flowers and the faux basket sides.

 Apart from the cake, candy, paper plates and piñata, everything was a repurpose, which kept things inexpensive and easy, but still turned out beautiful.  My daughter loved her party and already said she thinks she wants another flower garden party next year.  If she does, it'll be even easier next year!  

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