Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Little Cupcake's 2nd Birthday Cupcake Party

Now that it's been nearly a month since we had this party, I've finally gotten everything together to share it!  We had a cupcake themed 2nd birthday for our little girl.  Come on in and take a little party tour with us:

I had a tight budget and not much time to really"craft it up" this year, so I reused a lot of things I had around the house and had saved from last year's tea party birthday.  A huge thanks goes to my amazing friend Bird of Bird's Party who provided me with some awesome personalized cupcake printables.  She made it easy to print & cut out things like the decorative cards, bunting, invitations and even a party hat that all go together.  Her cute themes really add a designer feel and minimizes the work.  I highly recommend her!!

I decorated a bunch of vases & glass containers I had around the house using blue poster putty and double sided tape & filled them with tasty pink treats:

We hung the bunting using the ribbon I had from last year's party

and also reused my husband's clever idea of conduit pipe wrapped in crepe paper, topped off with some of the cardstock cupcakes to hold it up:

I used a $1.29 cupcake shaped cookie cutter to make matching sandwiches and displayed them on my trusty tiered glass tray from Ikea:

Basic cream & pink plain paper products plus silk flowers from my craft room added some extra decoration, as did draping the table with some tulle from my stash & using scrap fabric as a table runner:

Decorating the tables was a quickie last minute addition of some $1 section tin garden baskets from Target filled with florist foam & tissue paper stuck with sucker sticks that had cupcake doodads 
on them:

We did some homemade cupcakes and fancied them up with a DIY cupcake stand made from paper, ribbon, powdered drink cans and cake boards. (another fab idea from Bird's blog - you can find the tutorial for making one here).

Of course the party wouldn't be complete without Little Miss Cupcake herself:

She was all about getting into the party goodies!

And there was finally an occasion for her to dress up in the Cabbage Rose Dress & Bonnet I designed for her earlier this year:

They both fit her just perfectly now and were an extra special touch since they were made from the fabrics I'd used for tablecloths at her birthday party last year.  As you can see, I'm big on recycling!

I know my husband is going to HATE that I included his picture in this post, but they looked so sweet together here:

Of course me being me, her present had to be something special and handmade too -

So I created a pink hedgehog pillow for her since my little sweetie loves hedgehogs and it totally coordinated with the party colors.  Being known as "The Green Hedgehog" lady thanks to my shop made it the obvious cute critter choice too!

I'll admit I was pretty exhausted - we had come home from a family vacation less than 48hrs prior to the party so I was running around like a crazy person unpacking, washing all our stuff & setting up for the party.  I don't recommend it if you want to keep your sanity. But we were able to keep it pretty even though it was thrifty.  And it was worth it.

And this is why:)

Sharing this with my FAVE LINK PARTIES too so click HERE to check them out!


  1. She's such a sweetheart. And I love that hedgehog pillow. Great job!

  2. wow, it's seems like hardly any time ago that Serena's first birthday tea party popped up in my reader. Another fab celebration by the look of it. Especially like your cupcake shaped sarnies!

  3. Serena looks ADORABLE and the dress and bonnet are just STUNNING!!! WOW!!! LOVE the styling and never get tired of seeing it!!

    But that pink "green" hedgehog is my fave!! :D

    And thank you Cheryl, for choosing Birds' Party for your little angel's special day!!

    P. S; - Husbands always have great ideas!! ;D

  4. Super cute! Found you through Dragonfly Designs' Inspiring Creativity! I just had a cupcake birthday for my daughters 1st birthday. I love all your jars and the pennent banner.
    Moore Babies

  5. Darling!

    Hi - am your NEWEST FOLLOWER via the blog hop - nice to meet you!

    What an adorable party! I love cupcakes- everything is picture perfect - love your little one's outfit - the bonnet is so cute!

    beachside cottage

  6. Your party looks wonderful. The details are great and your daughter is adorable!!

  7. So cute! Your party looks professional- seriously! And good for you for not spending gobs on the party. It is not easy to do, I know.

  8. OMG... she looks so cute in that bonnet!! You did a fantastic job :)

  9. i love everything about your party and they are so adorable and sweet. and i loved it even more with the fact that you did most of it by yourselves, recycling stuffs and using thrifty stuffs. that's what i call a good party planning. and your cupcake is as sweet as a little cupcake herself.
    i am in the midst of planning my Babycakes' 1st birthday party in september and i'm thinking of a cupcake themed party so i was googling for images of cupcakes and whatnot and i bumped into your site. i plan to DIY a lot of stuffs myself too as i don't want to splurge. i believe that it doesn't have to be expensive to make it a great party. i'm inspired by your ideas. :)

    1. Thanks so much! It does make it more memorable (and more affordable) when you do it yourself. I highly recommend the party printables by Bird's Party - it made things a lot easier and still look special. Good luck with yur little one's special day and please link it to my weekly Craftastic link party when you do it:)


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