Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Easy Valentine's Day Bead Hair Jewelry Tutorial

The holidays this year seem to close together - it feels like it was just a hot second ago it was Christmas, now it's nearly Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day and Easter are just a couple weeks apart.  What's a busy crafter to do at the last minute?  Keep the holiday projects fast & easy, like with this Valentine's Day Hair Jewelry!

I used items I had in my stash for this inexpensive, but fun Valentine's Day look.  These sparkly berry beads are what gave me the idea:

And some heart shaped pony beads:

I had just enough to make a super long one for my daughter.  Her hair is so long these days, it's hard to even fit it all in a photo!

Now, Let's Make The Hair Jewelry!

Here's what's needed:

 - Assorted beads: berry beads (mine were from Sugar Pink Boutique), pony beads (local craft store)
 - Clear elastic string
 - Pencil, pen or knitting needle
 - Clear hair elastic

Cut a piece of the clear string double the length desired.  Fold in half over a pencil and double knot it.  

String the beads in the pattern desired.  I alternated a berry bead for every two hearts.

Once strand is full, double knot at the end to secure and trim off the tail.

Remove pencil from the top and loop a clear hair elastic to it.  Now it's ready to use.

To make an easy and full faux 6 strand braid to decorate, start by making a ponytail and splitting it into two braids.  

Loop the elastic of the hair jewelry over the hair band.  Since I used a ball-style band it was easy to anchor it between the balls:

Next take some hair pins and every couple of inches, pin the bead strand down against each braid.  This will hold all 3 parts together.

Secure at the bottom with a clear elastic.

Now there's a pretty Valentine's Day hairstyle in just a few minutes:

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. That is so cute--what a great idea! Thanks for sharing at Party in Your PJs!


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