Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Quick & Easy Harvest Greetings Pillow Set Tutorial

Halloween just ended and it feels like in a flash it's going to be Thanksgiving.  These days I need seasonal projects that are quick to make, inexpensive and still pretty.  Time is at a premium lately, but it doesn't stop me from wanting to make things to celebrate this time of year.  So I came up with this Super Easy Harvest Greetings & Blessings Pillow Set.  It's the perfect seasonal project for busy crafters!

The trick to these fast & simple pillows is using a fabric panel.  You literally cut and sew pieces of it together to make perfect fall themed pillows in less than 30 minutes.  Really!  

This panel is the Harvest Greetings Blessings panel from my new store, Heavenly Fabric Shop:

A single panel provides 8 pretty harvest-themed rectangles: 4 large and 4 small.  Enough for the two reversible design pillows I'm sharing today and several smaller project possibilities.  They're also perfectly sized for some DIY wall art, placemats, a Thanksgiving table runner or fall quilt.  

These pillows look just as pretty on a chair or sofa....

As they do on a porch or mantle.  And with 4 designs, each pillow has two seasonal messages.

Now let's make some pretty pillows!!

- (1) Harvest Greetings Blessings Cotton Fabric Panel
- (2) 12"x18" pillow forms (I found some nice but cheap forms here)
- (2) 18" zippers
- Zipper foot, rotary cutter/shears, yard stick, pins

Start by cutting out the pillow pieces, making sure there's a half inch border around each rectangle:  

Center the zipper face down along the bottom of a panel, pin and stitch together.

Flip the panel right side up and place another panel face down over it, pinning the bottom edge to the other side of the zipper and then stitching along that side.  

Be sure to leave the zipper open a few inches before sewing around the remaining sides so the pillowcase can be turned right side out after.  Pin panels together along the other three sides and then stitch with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Clip the pointed corners off and then turn the pillowcase right side out and slip the pillow form inside and zip closed.  Repeat with remaining panels for the second pillow.

What's also great about using this panel is there's no fabric wastage.  The coordinating center squares can be used for loads of other little things - coasters, trivets, sachets, appliqués on napkins or towels...just about anything you can think up.

Added bonus: with these being zippered pillow covers, they can easily be removed to wash, as well as store when out of season. Then the pillow forms can be used with other covers the rest of the year and those no struggling to find room to keep them!

Got any other ideas on how you'd use this fabric panel?  


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