Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Simple Sewing: Flannel Soft Blocks Tutorial

Want to make an easy baby gift that works for either gender?  Let the fabric do half the work for you!  Use sweet coordinating flannels with perfectly blocked stripes to make some soft & sweet blocks. Ready to make some?  Here's how -

- 1/2yd cuts (I used Alphabet & Number Stripe and Baby Toy & Letters flannels) 
- 1 yd fusible fleece interfacing 
- Fiberfill stuffing
Sewing Machine & Notions (iron, press cloth, pins, ruler, hand sewing needle, thread, scissors/rotary cutter)

First, cut twenty-four (24) 4 inch  x 4 inch squares from the fabrics and from the Fusible Fleece. Cut two squares of the baby toys & numbers print for each block and 4 varying designs from the alphabet & number print (making sure to center each block on each "block" of the print):

Next, fuse the wrong side of a square of fusible fleece to the wrong side of each fabric square using an iron and damp press cloth.  By using fusible fleece interfacing these blocks will hold a firmer shape and last longer than just using plain fabric (which is what is needed with an item meant for a busy baby!). 

Arrange the blocks in the desired order so the alphabet blocks colors and prints alternate. I also made sure that the print was on the top and bottom.

Then, starting at one end of the horizontal part of the "+" shape, and with right sides facing, sew together two block sides with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, starting and stopping 1/4 inch from the edge (this will make it easier to make the corners pointed later).  Next sew on the top and bottom.

Then sew the remaining side seams to complete the block (leaving a 2in gap on one side for turning the block right side out), making sure the seam cross at the corners:

The block should look like this when ready to turn.  Clip each corner as shown and turn right side out through the gap, using a knitting needle or pencil to gently poke out the block's corners. 

Stuff with fiberfill until nice and full.  Hand stitch the opening closed with a slipstitch.

Repeat with the remaining blocks:

And get ready to share the love with baby!


  1. these are soo sooo cute!! Love how they turned out!

  2. This is a really sweet project---sure to be loved and played with by lucky little babies!

    1. These are ideal as an impromptu baby gift to have on hand (being gender neutral makes it even more ideal!).

  3. Just a heads up, neither link for the fabrics work anymore.

    1. This post is from almost 5 years ago, so it's been a while since these fabrics were in print.


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