Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Quick to Make Spring & Easter Projects

I really debated whether or not I should put a new project up this week.  Despite telling myself I'm blogging for fun, I always feel a little guilty when I don't have new stuff to share.  I have a few Spring-y things that are ready, but it feels like the internet is flooded with tons of Easter and Spring projects + everyone is super busy right now, so they'd most likely get lost in the throng of the season.  Plus, having contractors working in my house during the day and me giving up the computer in the evenings for Lent has cut down my blog activity time quite a bit.  Not an ideal combo... My solution? A little round-up of some past projects to keep the seasonal inspiration going, but not wear myself out.  

Here are some projects that 
can still be made in time for Easter:

Try my Two Sweet Reversible Apron tutorial to keep your Easter dress spotless.

For a quick & festive decoration try this Spring Grass Wreath:

Make some Spring Shaped Candies in all sorts of Easter designs. This is great for keeping the kids busy too!

Want some cheap & simple-to-do items to add to those baskets?  Try DIY Silly Putty or Squashy Eggs (which just use sand + balloons).  Both are really fast to make and get a big thumbs up from the kids:

Try a new twist on an old favorite: Panoramic Sugar Eggs.  I've gone both geeky & traditional with mine, but you can easily customize the basic formula for your own custom look:

Or use the same recipes and make some Sugar Sweet Treats instead:

Or grab some blank t-shirts and whip up some quick spring-style appliques with some fleece scraps for the ideal custom Easter Tees:

And if you need a bit of a holiday-themed laugh, check out this post on what happened when one of my kids got to this beehive cake one previous Easter in my Both Sides Have A Story post:  

Hope these ideas help get your holiday hopping.  Have a Happy Easter Everyone!

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  1. I love all these great Easter and Spring ideas. Thanks, Cheryl, for sharing them with us!


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