Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Cake: Both Sides Have A Story

In preparation for hosting Easter dinner tomorrow, I decided to make an Easter cake. I have this great mold of a beehive and little royal icing bees to go with it, but the downside is it's kind of complicated to put together. So in between cleaning the entire house, I patiently got both halves out of the mold (sans damage) and glazed them to give it the honey brown color and then had to cool them for 2 hrs before I could stick them together with frosting and stand it up. Amazingly everything was going perfectly... that is until we went upstairs for 10 minutes and my 3 yr old decided he couldn't wait until tomorrow and dragged a chair over to the counter. Behold his handiwork on the back side:

Yeah, needless to say I was not in the best of moods discovering this. The plus, if you could call it that, was he pulled off the piece, so it wasn't completely ruined for serving. I did a patch job with the bit I cut off to even the middle and it isn't as horrible looking now. I guess it is a compliment that he couldn't wait to eat it. Hopefully it will still be enjoyed by everyone else and now there is a somewhat amusing anecdote to go with it.

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  1. love the Easter cake, and its too funny that your 3 year old couldn't wait to "dig" in lol. Just what my 3 year old grandson would do if I turned my back lol. Really like your blogs and will be following you for sure! Thanks for the laugh!


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