Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Something For Soon To Be Mama of 3

I'm proud to say this is my first attempt at my own design. I'd actually bought this fun & funky fabric to make some cute handbags, but decided I had just enough to make a cute dress. This being my 3rd pregnancy, it doesn't make sense to buy many maternity things and quite honestly there isn't much out there that fits, is inexpensive and, most of all, attractive. Most of my old stuff is the usual, hideous, shapeless stuff (which was all that was around a few years ago). With this design the satin ribbon under the chest and the seam at the top are both elasticized, so it should accommodate a growing waistline (I'm 4.5mos now, so I think Ive got a couple of months of wear available) and can always be shrunk down for post-baby wear. Now if the weather would just cooperate, I'll be able to start wearing it outside the house!

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  1. what a gorgeous dress Cheryl. You have a real talent and sound like a super-mum managing all this sewing, little ones and gardening! when is your baby due?


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