Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Panoramic Sugar Eggs - Gone Geeky!

When I was a kid the most awesome item in the Easter basket was always the panoramic sugar egg. They always looked delicious & beautiful.  I still love them, so this year I decided to try making some using this tutorial.  Of course, me being me, I couldn't just go with the "usual" themes when it came to decorating.  So here are a few of my own designs in all their geeky glory.  

Let's start with the Pac-Man Panoramic Egg:

Yes, that is Pac-Man about to devour a power pellet inside.  And good thing too, since there's a ghost lurking nearby:

I used a red button candy for the power pellet and my trusty favorite, modeling chocolate, to roll out & shape the characters with a knife.  Royal icing added some blue maze details, eyeballs and acts as the glue to attach everything to the sugar.   The outer icing was piped on with a star shaped tip for the scalloped effect.

For Star Wars fans, there's this Yoda Superstar Egg:

Yoda is made from green modeling chocolate with royal icing eyes and all the details are drawn on with a food pen.  A small fondant cutter made the yellow modeling chocolate stars.  I added a bit of blue icing and now it's ready for a Jedi with a sweet tooth. 

It's even stormtrooper approved:

And for something more traditional, here's the Little Duckling Egg:

I used one of the DIY spring candies I made the other day for the interior and nestled him in a bit of blue icing for the "pond":

I colored the outer royal icing mint green this time and added a few flowers with a piping tip for outer accents.  They dry really fast, so within half an hour the eggs are ready to display.

Now that I've gotten the hang of making these, I can't wait to come up with more designs for future Easters!  

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  1. Fun idea! I think Yoda is my favorite.


  2. Visiting from Someday Crafts.

    Cool.. Thanks for posting. They look fun to make.


  3. Totally cute! My kids would love these!

  4. Next year, I'm totally going to try this!! I would be thrilled if you stopped by my Commercial Break Thursday at http://www.suzyssitcom.com and link this project!


  5. I like your version. My grandma used to make these.

  6. Wow! These are incredible. I've never heard of panoramic sugar eggs before. Glad I stopped by to see them!

  7. Those are awesome! I was always fascinated with those panoramic eggs as a kid. I know what I'm doing this week! ;) Found you @ Embellishing Life.

  8. These are too fun! The PacMan egg is my favorite!!! We featured this in our Fancy This Fridays Features post today! Hope you'll check it out and grab a button!


  9. Super cute Cheryl! I have featured these today. Thanks so much for linking to the sunday showcase - I greatly appreciate it. Hope you have a fabulous holiday! Thanks again ~ Stephanie Lynn

  10. Too cool! I like the yoda one best!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  11. Love the Pac-Man!

    Thanks for linking to Creative Juice! Hope to see you back this week...


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