Friday, June 20, 2014

My Top Summer Sewing Projects Using Laminated Cotton

I'm a big fan of laminated cotton fabric.  It's durable, wipeable, water-resistant and great for outdoor use.  Over the years I've used it to make all sorts of things for summer, so today I'm rounding up a few key projects.   I've continued to use these season after season and, according to their high page views, many are big reader favorites too.

Super-For-Summer laminated cotton projects:

Make a picnic table cover that's easy to keep clean and won't blow away when it's windy....

Stitch up a colorful and beach-friendly pocketed wallet.  I get compliments on this one everywhere I go thanks to the colorful birdie print:

Create some cute berry shaped placemats to use inside or outdoors.  They've even got a built-in napkin "stem":

Add a snap-on cupholder to anything with a handle.  Not only is it super practical & inexpensive, but it also lets you add some personality to a boring stroller.  I created this one 4 years ago and still use it like crazy.   It's been pinned over 10,000 times, so I can tell I'm not the only one who needs these!

If your laminated cotton is BPA & phthalate-free (it'll usually say in the description), it'll make a great lining for some handy reusable sandwich/snack bags:

Or go cooler-style with an insulated lunch sac to keep things cool on those super hot days:

These are just a few of my favorites that have really stood the test of time, as well as heavy usage from a busy family.  I'll have a few new and super simple new projects using laminated cotton in the coming weeks too.  Laminate cotton has really delivered on it's ability to keep us both stylish & clean in the messy, sunny months, so I've gotta give it some more summer love this year!


  1. These laminated fabric projects are great----colorful, pretty, and practical!

  2. love the mats w/a built in napkin holder! Brilliant :)


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