Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How To Make A Multi-Pocket Gardening Apron

Now that it's getting sunny & warm and green things are growing, it's time to get back into the garden. And what better way to get motivated than with a fun little Gardener's Apron to wear!

This gardening apron has two rows of multi-sized pockets, so you can easily tote items of all sizes like hand tools, stakes and seed packets. A simple sash tie means it's nice and adjustable too. It also works great as an apron for crafting & baking and can be flipped to the flat, reverse side as well. Lots of options for whatever you're working on.

Make it in about an hour to wear out in garden the very same day!


- Cotton fabric (1/2yd for body & sash, 1/2yd or FQ for each of the pocket layers)
- Double fold bias tape
- Sewing Notions (shears/rotary cutter, pins, marking pen/chalk, iron)

The cute prints I used are from the new How Does Your Garden Grow? collection by Timeless Treasures. I'm seriously in love with this collection's bright colors and fun mini prints. Perfect for a gardening themed project!


Start by cutting the following pieces:

Apron body - two rectangles 17 inches wide by 10 inches high
Tall pocket - one rectangle 17 inches wide by 16 inches high
Front pocket - one rectangle 17 inches wide by 11 inches high
Sash - one strip 17 inches wide by 5 inches high and two strips 22 inches wide by 5 inches high

Fold both pocket pieces in half, height-wise (wrong sides facing) and press.

Stack layers so apron body pieces are on the bottom (wrong sides facing inward), tall pocket in middle and then shorter pocket on top, with bottom corners all lined up. Use a bowl or small plate to trace & round off corners.

Keeping pocket pieces together, mark lines along the front with disappearing marker or tailor's chalk as shown and stitch down the two outer lines along the shorter pocket.

Lay pocket pieces on top of body pieces, pin together and stitch along middle line from top of tall pocket to bottom. Now there are two rows of pockets with different sizes.

Baste along sides and bottom to keep the layers even and then encased in bias tape and stitch tape into place.

Take sash pieces and fold in half height-wise and press along fold to make a nice top crease.

Open and stitch each short end of the middle piece to a short end of the longer pieces.

Fold in half, right sides facing, and stitch edges together for the just longer pieces. Stitch the short sides on the diagonal with a ½ inch seam allowance.

Leave the middle portion of the sash open. Trim raw edges.

Turn right side out and press all around, pressing raw edges inward on the middle portion.

Insert apron body into opening of sash. Using a directional print like this sprout one makes it very easy to line this up evenly. Pin into place.

Carefully top stitch 1/8 inch away from the opening, removing pins and sewing slowly so the body stays in place and doesn't shift.

Now the apron is ready to wear and fill with gardening goodies.

I received the fabrics pictured from Timeless Treasures to use as I desired, with no financial compensation.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experiences.  


  1. That's a great little apron for gardening!! I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later this morning that links to your tutorial:

  2. I love this! You are very talented. Thanks for sharing with us at Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party.

  3. I love this apron---pretty and perfect for gardening all at the same time! Thanks for a great idea.

  4. Cheryl - this is so cute. I definitely need to make one of these. I was doing some gardening last weekend and was thinking I needed a little apron to hold my seed packets, etc. It was so windy and I didn't have any pockets in my workout clothes I was wearing to garden in - this will be very useful - pinning.

  5. No only is the pattern adorable, you have fantastic fabrics!! Love it. Pinned!!

  6. Thanks for sharing! It gives me a great idea for how to start a tool belt. :)

    1. That's what's great about this project Kelley - it's super versatile. Hope you make one!

  7. Pretty apron, could use some thing like this on the allotment.
    Popping over from Creative Monday blog hop.

  8. now that I sew, I' ve desided to make my self the aprons for my flower shop. so that's perfect. once again thank you very much. pinned

    1. That's fantastic. Will love to see it when you do!

  9. Thanks for sharing this project, I will definitely be making this for a gardening friend.

    1. I hope you do - please sent a pic when you do:)

  10. Hi Cheryl, I 💖 this pattern, could you please tell me the length of the waist band strips. Thanks Jackie

  11. Hi Cheryl, Love this pattern! Thank you so much.

  12. perfect. I love this. I kind of adjusted mine, but it works beautifully. I made it for our garage sale next month.

  13. Thank you! I'm making 4 of these for my Girl Scouts to wear while they work cookie booth. This way we won't have a cash box that can get stolen. I just took out a couple seams and made it only have 4 big pockets.

  14. Thanks for this tutorial! I made it for my mother for Mother's Day. I am worried however that the sash is not long enough!

    1. What a nice gift Rachel & I'm so thrilled you used my tutorial. The sash can just be tied in a basic knot - they're meant to be shorter than traditional aprons so they don't dangle into the dirt. If they still seem too short, you can always at velcro or snaps as an alternative to tying. I hope your mom enjoys it!

  15. I love the apron! So cute! I do inventory jobs, and always need my (Menards or Lowes) apron for the pencils,cards, etc. Been trying to figure out how to make it prettier! I like the simple idea and will do that and will get a lot of compliments for sure. I like the one gal using it for garage sale. Another around the house with notepad in it and pockets for misc I find. I also appreciate the well done instructions. Very clear. There are so many uses for this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Caroline. This style is so versatile and by picking fun fabrics it makes it personal to your own style. It's still one of my very favorite projects:)

  16. Your garden apron is so adorable. Great tutorial. Stop by my Thursday Favorite Things party since you are being featured.


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