Thursday, May 10, 2012

Crochet The Adorable Way! Introducing: One & Two Company

Today I'm excited to introduce an all-new Sew Can Do Sponsor to you: One & Two Company

This talented designer learned to crochet as a child and started creating her own fun designs after her daughter was born.  Using her easy to follow patterns, you can make loads of sweet and adorable crocheted creations yourself.  One & Two Company crochet patterns are great for lots of reasons:

· Easy to follow instructions
· All Applique Crochet Patterns have images to go with the explanations
· No designs have beads, buttons or pieces of jewelry, so all are small-child safe
· One & Two Company is happy to answer questions and provide help via email
· The finished products can be sold by you - no licensing fees to worry about!
And there seriously cute designs!  I am ready to get my crochet skills going to start making some of these myself:)  Use them to embellish your bags, hats, t-shirts, blankets... anything that comes to mind.   Just think what you could do with these sweet birdies:
How cute would these little monsters be on a mobile?
Or some classically lovely butterflies:
Make some amigurumi creatures...
Even use the patterns to create unique rattles, rugs and baskets.  Use your imagination and these fantastic crochet patterns for infinite ideas!
They also offer bundle discounts for buying multiple patterns at once.  Choose from tons of gorgeous designs and save some $$ at the same time.

One & Two Company is currently doing a great giveaway on Facebook for reaching 1,000 fans. The winner will receive an assortment of cute patterns.

AND, just for being a fan of One & Two Company, you can get an Exclusive Applique Crochet Pattern of a cute Dachshund, absolutely FREE!  

Just click HERE to go become a fan of One & Two Company and hear about all the latest designs and special offers!

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  1. Oh my goodness these are so cute! Too bad I don't have a facebook... :(


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