Thursday, April 28, 2011

The decorated cookie's Felt Flower Toppers

Meaghan from the decorated cookie & I are up to our blog swapping tricks - she's back with this super cute spring idea: Felt Flower Cupcake Toppers!!

Hi everybody! I'm back with some Spring treats. I used no needles or thread to make these felt flower cupcake toppers, but at least I'm inching closer to sewing and breaking out of my sugar mold (though not entirely) to try my hand at felt flower cupcake toppers.  These were inspired by this tutorial for paper flowers at Creature Comforts. And they are super easy to make.

how to make felt flower cupcake toppers

you will need:*
felt pieces in assorted colors
4-inch circle cookie cutter (optional)
pencil or fabric marker pen
fabric glue
green edible marker (optional)
wax paper (optional)
frosted cupcakes

*Find pieces of felt at the craft store, or, find higher quality felt at online shops such as Prairie Point Junction. You'll also find the green edible marker at the craft store (use any brand, this is only to color the toothpicks). Find the fabric marker pen and glue at the craft store or a fabric store. I used 4-inch toothpicks, found at the supermarket. These are longer than standard, but you may also use the standard size.

what to do:
Use the green marker to color the toothpicks green, if desired. Set aside on wax paper to dry.

Cut out a 4-inch circle from a piece of felt. You may trace a 4-inch circle cookie cutter with light pencil strokes or the fabric marker pen if you like, or, just wing it. Precision isn't necessary. For a larger topper, use a larger circle. Draw a spiral on the felt circle with the pencil or fabric pen and cut along the line with scissors.

Roll up the spiral starting from the outside and roll all the way to the center. Use fabric glue to secure the end. The end will sort of cup the bottom of the flower.

When dry, insert the toothpick into the flower. I didn't insert the toothpick through the felt. Rather, I inserted between the rolls. You may want to dab a bit of fabric glue on the tip of the toothpick. Insert into a cupcake.

That's it!

Thank you Cheryl and everyone for letting me visit today! Happy baking and happy Spring!

Meaghan (the decorated cookie)

Thanks Meaghan - pretty & tasty!!


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