Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tutorial: DIY Custom Envelopes

Pretty stationary doesn't have to cost a fortune.  And making your own shouldn't take loads of time either.  Today's tutorial shows a few ways you can create beautiful, custom paper items without loads of work or cost.  Ok, let's get to it!

What You'll Need:
Scrapbook paper or plain envelopes
Gel Pens (CRI-Kits Pens are what I'm using)
Cricut, Silhouette or eclips cutting machine (or stencils if you don't have a cutter)

We'll start with the basic pre-fab way.  Grab some plain envelopes.

If you have a cutting machine: stick them on your mat and select a design to go in the bottom left corner and line up the bottom of the design just above the bottom of the envelope.  Make it around 2"x2" so that it will be larger enough to add some style, but not too big to lose your address space.  Now remove your cutting blade and put in a gel pen + holder instead:

Begin your "cut" and draw your design.  I used some glitter pens to add some sparkle to my scroll design:

Carefully peel your envelope from the mat and it's ready to use:

If you don't have a cutting machine: select a stencil that will be around 2"x2" and use the gel pens to draw on the design.  Embellish with other pen colors by hand.

But maybe you want to get a bit fancier and have a patterned interior and embellishments in other places:

This method requires tools like Sure Cuts A Lot/Make The Cut software or use Silhouette Studio, but it means you can add all kinds of details and make your envelopes ANY size!

First decide on what design detail you want to add and select some pretty prints from scrapbook paper and place it on your mat.  I used Sure Cuts A Lot I grabbed this fabulous free svg file HERE for cutting out the envelope shape, but there are loads of other templates out there.  You can adjust the dimensions as needed.  Cut out your envelope, but reload the paper instead of removing the mat from your cutter.  Next select your design embellishments and place on your designs in your open envelope layout:

I added a flower at the back flap:

You can also add text for the ultra professional touch, if desired.  Resize your shapes to fit your envelope and make sure you select keep proportions:

Now, swap in your gel pen & holder in place of the cutting blade and delete the envelope outline (so you won't draw over what you've just cut).  If you want to use more than one color, add only shapes in one color first, then line up the second color shapes and delete the first ones (don't forget to swap your pens!).  After everything is drawn, carefully peel off your open envelope and fold the sides and bottom inward:

Secure them with tape or glue and then fold over the top flap and your custom envelopes are ready to use:

These would be great for parties, showers, weddings or creating a gift stationary set because it's so easy & a heck of a lot less than buying pricey boutique envelopes.  It's also ideal because you can do EXACTLY what you want.  Go colorful, use prints, create special sizes - totally make it your own. And using the pens in my machine mean the designs will come out beautiful, smooth & professional (which is good since I have NO drawing or penmanship skills!).

Want to win some gel pens for yourself so you can make some sweet customized stationary?  

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~And ~

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I'd love to see what one-of-a-kind ideas you create!

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  1. Beautiful envelopes! what a neat idea!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment about my caddys. I have been wanting the cri-cuts - are they worth it?! That envelope is adorable - I love it!

  3. What a great idea! Your envelopes turned out fantastic!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way. I just found your blog & am loving all your ideas!

  4. Beautiful! I am featuring this tutorial on the Mad in Crafts facebook page today.


  5. I love that! It's a bit too involved for me, but I admire how you take the time to create things others pay big money for!

  6. Lovely envelopes! I want a cutting machine too! It's great that you can make your own envelopes with designs.

    Tnx for linking up at Who Make What? Weekends!

  7. Thanks so much everyone! For me, the CRI-Kits pens have been totally worth it - I keep thinking up more ways to use them and they can do the tiny details that cutting can't really do easily. They are also good for people like me who can't draw & have horrible handwriting - I always hated when I'd craft up something nice like a card & then go to write something on it and ruin it with my messy writing. I highly recommend them!

  8. those envelopes are really pretty. I would love to have some mail delivered to me in those.

    I'm a new follower!
    kathryn @ thedragonsfairytail.blogspot.com


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