Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine I Spy Bag

I'm totally getting into the spirit of Valentine's Day with my latest crafts.  Maybe it's all the thoughts of hearts, love, candy & happy colors, but I'm digging it big time.  Since most of my recent crafting has been for my little girl, I figured it was time to get going on stuff for my big boys.  They've been a little neglected on the crafting front.  So I decided to do an I Spy bag for my 7yr old, but make it Valentine themed.  The best part was I only used materials I had on hand, so it was cheap & quick to make.  Here's how:

1. I cut out 2 big heart shapes from red fleece and 1 slightly smaller one from pink fleece & then cut out a heart shape in the center 1 red & the pink for the window.

2.  I cut a square piece of vinyl from an old storage bag and laid it under the window pieces.  I also put a piece of tissue paper under that, so when I stitched them together the vinyl wouldn't stick to my machine.  I double stitched said pieces together at the inner edge (you do not want to have this split open while playing) and then stitched again around the outer edge of the pink.

3.  Using printable cotton fabric sheets (available at most craft stores).  I typed up a list, added some themed clip art and printed it out on my printer.  Then I stitched the list onto the back heart.  

4.  Right sides together I stitched the outer edges of the red together leaving a gap about 2 inches wide to turn right side out.

4.  I filled it about 2/3 full with poly beads and added in some buttons, old ponytail holder beads & other trinkets.

5.  I  tightly ladder stitched the gap closed and ta-da:  DONE!

Cheap + Holiday Themed + Somewhat Creative = Happy Kid, Happy Me, Even Happier Bank Account!
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  1. I love that!!!! What a great idea and you can use that every year, also a great time killer in a car ride or doctor's office- great idea!

  2. Awesome idea. Frugal crafts are the best. And yours turned out so cute.

  3. How cute is you "I spy" heart. Love it.

  4. I love I Spy bags. This one is very cool. Stopping from SITS!

  5. I love's precious! I used to make I spy bottles when my kids were little, but this is off the charts cute!


  6. Super cute! I made I-Spy bags for my nieces for Christmas, but I made them increasing levels of challenging for the three of them. (Yes, I'm a geek like that.) You can read way too many details about them here if you're interested. Nice work - love the heart!!

  7. Adorable! I have an eye spy project on my to do list. Where did you get those beads to fill it with? I was thinking I'll use rice if i ever get around to it. :)

  8. How adorable. I am a follower now.


  9. This is adorable. Beyond my ability to sew... but adorable. You haven't thought about selling these have you??

  10. I have always wanted to make an ISpy bag. I am featuring you at tomorrows Penny Pinching Party.

  11. Thank you for sharing your awesome project at Thursday’s Treasures last week! Come share your crafty projects in this week’s Thursday’s Treasures too!

  12. Wow! This is so incredibly cute! I LOVE it! I bought my daughter one of these but it was pricey, this will be so much more fun to be able to make one of these for my son in a little while for a lot less money! Thanks for sharing!


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