Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quiet Time - It Can Be Done! Part 1

Thanks to all you wonderful people who have left such sweet compliments on my juggling new baby + 3 kids + crafting + homeschooling. You remind me when I'm feeling overwhelmed & like life is a mess, that I am actually doing pretty well! My "me" time is non-existent and I have severely dropped my standards of what is a clean house, but I know I'm giving my all to the kids, which is the whole point, right?

One thing that has made that easier was to compile a bunch of fun activity stuff in the weeks before baby - that has been a lifesaver with the demands on my time & helping my kids not feel "baby attention resentment" as much. I found some cool stuff like Wikki Stix, Brain Noodles & invisible ink activity books, but I also wanted to make something special for them. 

 So, I did a Quiet Book. I still have the one my mom made for me back when I was a toddler and it's still awesome. I saw a few fab ones online and decided to make mine in the days before baby arrived. A few pages are ideas from How To Make A Quiet Book like the mail box & dress-up and the rest are ones I designed myself. Everything is made from stuff I made on-hand, so while it took a bit of time, it was really cheap to do and it has been a big hit with my kids, so worth the work. Since there are a lot of pages, I'm breaking this up into several entries with some how-to tips so you can make your own & please send links if you do!

Just A Note: Obviously I'm sharing these designs for personal use (not to be sold) and please credit me if using my page designs/pics. Thanks!!

You'll Need:
Materials - 8.5 x 11 felt - assorted colors
fabric scraps, ribbons, ric rac, misc beads, pipe cleaners
velcro, thread, embroidery floss, snaps, glue, etc.
eyelets & hammer

Feed The Fish I sewed on a freehand fish bowl applique and then used elastic thread to thread on the fish beads. The fish food is velcro-ed on, so it can be removed to "feed the fish" and then little hands can make the fish swim to the top.

Flower Garden I cut out some flower shapes in felt and then sewed them on to pipe cleaners. I fringe cut some felt for grass and stitched on some 1 inch pieces of elastic in loop shapes to attach the flowers to the page. On the opposite page I cut out a vase shaped piece of scrap fabric and stitched on some decorative ric-rac and then stitched it to the page (obviously leaving the top open, so flowers can be arranged in it).

Mail Call
simply cut out a mailbox shaped piece of fabric and cut a slot opening and then stitch on. You can stitch MAIL (or cheat like I did and use puffy paint) on it. I added a pocket on the other side with some folded & glued pieces of felt to make letters & postcards to put in or you can use/make paper mail for it.

For The Four Seasons I stitched on ribbon to make 4 separate rectangles on a piece of light blue felt and then freehand drew the beach items, tree, umbrella in felt, cut them out and stitched them on. For the weather elements (cloud, sun, leaf & snowman) I drew and then cut those out & stitched a snap on the backside & the opposite part of the snap onto the page. I used star shaped beads for the snowflakes in the winter scene. The pocket to hold the snap-on pieces was fashioned out of some vintage 70s quilted scrap that is made to look like denim.

Click HERE for more pages & pics of my mom's original quiet book for even more ideas.


  1. that's brilliant and so special to think your children will treasure their quiet book just like you have over all these years

  2. Cheryl, this is amazing! You are such a good seamstress and I am very impressed! I love that fish bowl and the "fresh picked" flowers. Thank you so much for emailing me. I'd love to link to you on my sidebar!

  3. I think this is great! I love the 4 seasons! I am looking at all sorts of quiet books to try to get some good ideas...we'll see if I get it done! :)

  4. I love your pages!! Thanks for sharing - mind if I link this post to my blog??

  5. wow - you are incredibly talented! I am a fairly newbie at sewing, I can't wrap my head around your sewing - it's amazing! I am going to follow you because you are a great inspiration! Thank you!

  6. I love your book! I just posted on my blog about the quiet books I made for my girls and linked to your post to give you credit for the inspiration! Thanks!



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