Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Good Cause & Trying to Find "Normal"

I'll admit this week was a bit of a challenge. Baby had some rough nights & demanding days, we officially started homeschool for 2009-10, we attempted to get out of the house a bit, had our first toddler ER stitches experience and basically tried to have some semblance of "normal" life. Well, some things went better than others & I was frazzled/worn out on multiple occasions. I'm blessed with pretty good kids, but going from 2 to 3 has been a big change. We were lucky enough to get some good blocks of time most days for school and mixing our core stuff with Tot School Feelings theme worked well now that I'm juggling several ages here.

Obviously my down time to sew/craft is drastically reduced. I now realize that my sewing has been a major stress reliever for me & not being able to do much during this high stress time has had an impact. I found a few tiny bits of time to work on a quick baby blanket with some marshmallow-soft fabric I'd had squirreled away since winter. Fall is coming up fast here, so I wanted to have a winter weight blanket ready.

While in the middle of making it, I read about Greyson's Gift on a few other blogs and decided to squeeze in making a mini blanket for this wonderful cause. Meryntha, the blogger who came up with this idea from her own experience, has put a call out for all crafters to donate their skills & a little fabric to make mini blankets for NICU & stillborn babies. Although life has been crazy lately, I know I'm lucky to have a healthy, beautiful baby and my current stress is nothing compared to parents facing those difficult experiences. I'm happy to share my sewing skills & the little free time I have for something so special and hope some of you will too. All the details of what is needed and where to send them are on Meryntha's blog, please have a look and help if you can!

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