Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Making Kid's Soft Books for Christmas

It feels good to sew up Christmas presents, especially for the kids, but it can also be stressful trying to dream up something all new or even just to find time to work during the busy holiday season.  This year I did a couple of soft books for my littlest ones and it was so quick & enjoyable I wanted to share how I did mine.

There are tons of soft book panels out there.  I had a really cute one in my stash that I'd forgotten about & I've carried a number in my shop for the past few years, but this is the first time in years I've made any!  I'd done a few many years ago, but as simple as they seemed, they didn't turn out as perfect as I'd wanted and that kind of stopped me from doing any more.  This go around I figured out what makes the difference and now I LOVE doing them.

A big thing is to NOT pre-wash the fabric.  You want the pages to be as uniform as possible to line up when cutting & sewing - if you wash the panel first the shrinkage can distort them.  You can wash the finished book after & it'll keep its original shape better thanks to the seams.

Thinner batting is also key - it makes it easier to keep the layers straight and corners crisper.   And again, if the book is going to ever get washed, it's best to avoid 100% cotton batting, which will shrink up like mad.

The panels I used here are a cute Nativity themed one called
 The Great I Am (which is from my shop):

and the adorable Bunnies By The Bay Little Star by Timeless Treasures (which can still be found in a number of online shops with a quick internet search).
 Soft book panels have handy instructions printed right on the panel to tell you which pages to put together.

Basically, you just follow the cut lines, pair the proper pages together (right sides facing), put on a layer of batting, pin and stitch around, leaving a couple inch wide gap.

Trimming down the corners makes them nice & pointed when turning right side out.

Hand stitch the gaps closed,
and press each double page nice & flat.

Layer the pages in the order from the instructions.  
 The cover is usually slightly bigger, so it's key to line them up along the binding rather than the corners.

I draw a line & pin down the binding to make sure my stitch line is extra straight and doesn't shift while trying to sew through all the layers. 

Since this is my baby girl's first Christmas I wanted to do a special one for her.  She LOVES anything crinkly, so I added some crinkle paper (aka cellophane) inside each page to give it a little "crunch".  I cut the cellophane about 1/2 inch smaller 
than each finished double page:

And carefully slid them in by hand to make sure they laid flat:

This one even had a little dedication page, which I loved.

 Soft books really are an ideal handmade gift for the smalls - they can't destroy them & are washable, but they still have a keepsake kind of quality.  My 2 yr old loves to look at them in bed and there's no worry of ripped pages or poky corners when he drifts off to sleep.  

I can't wait to gift these...and make a few more;)


  1. These little books are adorable! My sewing skills aren't that great, but I feel like this is a fun little project I might be able to tackle. Makes the perfect gift!


    1. Thank you Alexandra. These are very easy - a beginner could make these in no time. Definitely one of those self-esteem boosting projects. I can't wait for my little ones to enjoy them.


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