Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Adorable Ultra Easy Baby Headbands

Today's project is so easy it, it practically makes itself.  It's just what a busy mom (or grandma, aunt or friend) needs when free time is short, but you want a DIY with big impact:  Adorable Ultra Easy Baby Headbands!  

These are really quick to make & turn out super cute!  They stay on well and are very soft.  They are fabulous to give as gifts or to use for new baby photo shoots:

Supply-wise, you can be as simple or detailed as you want with the decorative elements.  Using soft items is key though.  I used some cute satin roses and fabric covered buttons in my stash from previous trips to my local craft stores.  Smaller 1/2 - 3/4 in diameter is ideal size.  

- Nylon baby headband or pair of girl's tights*
- Small fabric or crochet flowers, bows or fabric covered buttons
- Hot glue gun

* It's literally two steps to make these - one step if you use pre-made headbands.  I got mine online from a hair bow supply store that had lots of colors, but after I got them I realized you could easily make them super cheap.  
Here's how:

Take a pair of girl's nylon tights and cut the legs into 1 inch wide tubes.  One pair will make a TON of headbands & should stretch well enough to fit newborn - toddler.  After cutting, give them a little pull so the edges curl and you've got the perfect, soft & simple baby headband!

To attach the embellishments, just add a dab of hot glue to the back of the items and firmly press onto the headband.  If putting several items next to one another, make sure they're really close so there won't be gaps when it gets a little stretched while being worn.

 I did trios of embellishments for mine.  It took just minutes to make several.  Literally anyone could craft some up!  

Just a reminder, for safety purposes, these should only be worn while closely supervised - never when left alone or in bed.  

I LOVE how sweet they look on my littlest lady.  They're so quick & inexpensive that you could make some to match every outfit or occasion.  It's the ideal craft equation of minimal make time x maximum enjoyment of results. 

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  1. How clever - These headbands are just darling!
    Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.


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