Wednesday, December 5, 2018

DIY Decorated Pom Pom Christmas Tree

It's the Christmas season!  Time to get festive with the DIYs.  This year I don't have tons of free time to get elaborate, but it doesn't mean we can't sneak in some handmade goodies for the holiday.  Today's project is an easy one that can be used over and over in new ways: a Decorated Pom Pom Mini Christmas Tree.

I'd seen pom pom trees before, but never any that were actually decorated, so I set out to make one that would have all the elements of a full size tree, but in miniature:

Much more fun than just the usual basic pom poms!

- Styrofoam cone
- Green pom poms
- Low temp hot glue & glue gun
- Ball head pins
- Glass bubble ball charms
- Angel flat back/Christmas star button
- Green felt
- Mini wired tinsel

I got my foam cone & pom poms at Hobby Lobby.  Two bags of medium pom poms was just enough for a 12 inch high cone.

Making the tree is pretty simple.  Using low temp hot glue is key to keep it from melting the styrofoam base.  Add a good amount and start adding pom poms along the bottom:

For the next row, nestle the pom poms in between the previous row. They'll be nice and compact to guarantee none of the white base will show.  Repeat all the way to the top.

At the tip add 3 pom poms to finish.  I cut a circle of green felt for the bottom to fully hide the foam and glue it on.  Now the tree is ready to decorate!

You could use buttons or charms or any type, but since I wanted this tree to look like a mini version of the real thing, I used these fabulous glass bubble ball charms from my shop. They look just like real ornaments and add just enough bling. 

I did a mix of the crystal filled and the mini star filled charms.

To attach them, I used green ball headed pins.  These are perfect for making sure the charms stay in place and the green tops blend right in with the tree.  Just poke the pins into the foam.  SO easy!!

I also added an angel flat back as my tree topper:

And swirled some mini tinsel I had in my stash to give it a finishing touch.

Since the pins aren't permanent, it can be a different tree every year.  I did another religious-themed version with some delicate ribbon and these different Virgin Mary charms with Mary & Baby Jesus and a trumpeting angel button from the same set the top:

I also decorated a little bottle brush tree using my mini star filled charms by taking a few earring hooks from my jewelry making supplies to use as ornament hooks.  

The earring hooks make it easy to hang them on this style of tree and have an authentic look.  

I put a Christmas star button to the top & it was a cute addition to my mini trees:

These mini trees are great for table tops, mantles or anywhere that needs a little festive decoration.  A bit of Christmas tree fun for any size space!


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