Wednesday, August 8, 2018

FREE Pattern Download: 3 in 1 Infinity Bib, Blankie & Burp Cloth

Today I've got a new downloadable pattern that's handy & stylish for the little one: My 3-in1 Infinity Bib!

For such small people, babies sure need a lot of stuff!  Our diaper bag weighs a ton right now.  Streamlining is hard though.  My little guy is a drooly one.  He's also still in the occasional spit-up phase, so good bib & burp cloth need to go everywhere with us.  As does a lovey blanket, which is vital to him going to sleep.  How about being able to bring one thing that acts as all 3?  Enter my new pattern.

Use it folded lengthwise as a bib to keep drool from soaking those cute outfits:

Fold it in half sideways for lightweight, yet absorbent burp cloth:

Leave it open for a baby-sized blankie to cuddle:

It's been a crazy hot summer, so something light & breezy is key.  I've made mine out of bamboo cotton swaddle muslin which is perfect.  It allows for airflow and is super soft.  It also looks stylish thanks to some pom pom trim.  

I'd seen a similar bib design for sale online for the hefty price of $18 each.  Yikes.  With how many bibs my 4 month old can go through in a day, I'd need a small loan to afford more than a day's worth.  Mine cost about $3.50 each to make & are a quick sew. My son's favorite swaddle blankets are a swanky brand made from bamboo muslin, so being able to make these from that same lovely fabric for a fraction of the price is ideal.  Serious savings!

Now let's make one!

- My FREE Infinity Bib Pattern HERE
- 1/2 yd bamboo organic cotton blend swaddle muslin fabric (I bought mine from Simplififabric)
- 1 1/2 yds baby pom pom trim (I bought mine from Sugar Pink Boutique)
- 2 plastic snap sets
- Ball point needle

Download the pattern and print at 100% scale.  Measure the printout against the 1 inch sets box to confirm sizing is correct.  Cut out all 4 pieces and tape together at sides as indicated.

The swaddle muslin I bought gets softer in every wash.  Being a bamboo/organic cotton blend, it's the cuddliest muslin I've found too.  The baby pom pom trim is nice & plush and adds just the right amount of detail.

Start with folded fabric and, using the pattern piece, cut out the bib front & back:

On the right side of one piece, pin the trim 1/4 inch from the raw edge:

Stitch the trim in place, using a ball point needle.

Sew the trim all the way around, curving around the pointed ends, and overlapping the raw edges.  

Place this piece over the other piece, right sides together and pin.

On the side with the trim attached, stitch the bib front & back together, using the trim stitching as a guide to stitch over:

Leave a 1 1/2 inch gap for turning, then slipstitch closed by hand.

Set the plastic snaps along the markings, having the male snaps face up on one end and the female snaps face down on the other.  

When the ends are snapped together, this will give the slight twist needed for the layered infinity look.

Or just leave it open for a quick cuddle.  Whatever baby needs in the moment!


  1. I love this tutorial it's so versatile! The model is a doll, look at those sweet chubby lips! Thank you for the free pattern, you can't beat that! The little birdie stick pins you use are so cute! Where can I find some?

    1. Thanks sweet lady! I got them at Hobby Lobby. Not only are they cute, but they are some of the best pins I've used - I always reach for these first when I sew.

  2. This is lovely! I am going to make for my 4 month old Grandaughter. Thank you so much!

    1. That's great to hear! Enjoy it and I'd love to see how yours turns out:)

  3. Thank you for the free pattern! I just saw these for the first time on Amazon and am thrilled to make some for my great great nephew on the way. A lovely tutorial and love the baby pics!

  4. Do you wash the swaddle fabric first before sewing or not? Didn't want it to bleed into my trim

    1. I prewashed my fabric for this, but if using a fabric that will crinkle up more when washing I'd recommend sewing first and then washing with a color catcher sheet (available in laundry aisle) to prevent any dye bleeds.

  5. When snapping the bib, do you twist it to get the scarf look or how does that work? Mine doesn't seem to lay right. Can I have a pic of the back when its snapped?

    1. You shouldn't need to twist it, but you can if it helps to lay better. If you set the plastic snaps along the markings, having the male snaps face up on one end and the female snaps face down on the other then they will overlap when attached. That gives the "twist" look when folded down. My hands are a bit full at the moment with a newborn sleeping on me most of the time, a crazy 2 yr old running wild & 3 big kids to homeschool so it may take a while to get a quiet second to do a photo!

  6. Hi, Love this, have you tried making these in bigger sizes or do they only work for very young babies?

    1. I've not needed it bigger so I haven't tried to make it larger, but I'm sure you could. Just extend the pattern all the way around for a slightly larger version (or just extend the ends a bit).

  7. Thank you for this free pattern. I love it. I have made probably 10 and it’s such a wonderful gift. Thanks so much.

    1. I'm just thrilled to hear that Renee - that's the ultimate compliment!


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