Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Make A Heat Transfer Angel Wings Baby Gown

Years ago, when my 12yr old was a newborn, I had a cute baby shirt that had the words "Heaven Sent" embroidered on the front and little satin wings on the back.  It was super cute, but unfortunately it was white, so it didn't last over the years.  And could I find another one this time around?  Nope.  So I made my own the easy way & you can too: Heat Transfer Angel Wings Baby Gown.

Not only is it adorable, but it's a simple and quick project.  No sewing or special skills are required.  

- Blank baby gown or bodysuit 
- Heat transfer vinyl
- Cutting machine
- Free clip art  
- Weeding tool or pick
- Cricut Easy Press or iron
- Towel

I started by searching for some free clip art to make our wings.  I found this cute design here that was just perfect.

For my text I used a favorite free font, Pacifico, and drafted it using iPiccy (also free) so the lettering would be connected.  Cricut Design Space weirdly separates letters if you just type them in directly as text and connecting & welding them didn't space as nicely so I saved some trouble by doing it beforehand.
I uploaded my images to Cricut Design Space, made the into cut files, sized them to fit my gown and then mirrored them before cutting.

Weeding for the wings took a little time since they were so delicate and small, but well worth it.  It was easier with this little pick tool:

Then it was time to apply.  I prefer using solid color baby clothes for things like this.  It's really weird to me how most baby clothes are white.  Babies are not known for being neat.  Unless you want it ruined after just a wearing or two, it's best to just avoid white for daily wear baby clothes.  I went with a stain-hiding navy blue:

I centered my wings to be at shoulder level for my little angel

I set my Easy Press to the temperature and time needed for my heat transfer material (following the maker recommendations is key, since different brands have different settings).  I pressed my gown over a thick towel.  

I always turn my item inside out and press the wrong side for the best adhesion.  Since I had vinyl on the front and back sides, I slipped another towel in-between so they wouldn't accidentally get stuck together at that point:

I also did a "hot peel" of pulling off the carrier sheets while the vinyl was still hot.  I find it puts less stress on the vinyl and is easier to remove fast this way:

Wings on little babies are always so fun:

I'm totally in love with it on our little angel:

Since this was so fun, making more goodies like this is on the least there is if I can get a little more angel nap time!


  1. EEP!!! I SEW agree that babies look sweet wearing halos & wings!!!! LOVE your project, especially choosing the dark blue item as it really makes the white vinyl jump off of the gown!! Very nicely done!

    1. Thanks so much Chelle. When I started I wasn't sure if it was weird I chose a dark color, but it really make those little wings stand out, which I love:)


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