Wednesday, September 9, 2015

5 Minute Waterproof Zip-Up Purse Tutorial

Don't have much time to sew?  How about a project that takes 5 minutes and will look store-bought fresh for years?  Meet my 5 Minute Zip-Up Purse.  This little zippered pouch is super handy - it's great to use as a coin purse, make-up bag or small clutch.  Very simple & beginner friendly.  No lining required!! It's ultra durable and totally waterproof too.  

The secret to the super strength is the material.  It's made from Waterproof Oxforda woven 100% polyester oxford fabric. The fabric is finished with a durable water repellent and then laminated with a thin black polyurethane coating on the back.  I've shared ways to use it and sewing tips for this fabulous fabric here.  This is just one of many projects that is ideal for this fabric.  I've got a tutorial for making this Indestructible Storage Bin with waterproof oxford too:

Now let's make this purse!
- Waterproof Oxford fabric 
- Zipper
- Pins, rotary cutter/shears, ruler, zipper foot
- Optional: walking foot, pinking shears, beads & jewelry wire (for zipper charm)

These are so quick to make, I did one for myself and one as a birthday gift for my sister who is an elephant lover.  I just changed the dimensions slightly.  For the larger one with the matching zipper charm, I cut a 8 inch wide by 9 inch high piece and used a 7 inch zipper.  For mine I used 7 inch wide by 8 inch high piece and this cool rainbow 6 inch zipper:

With the zipper facing down & fabric facing up, pin the zipper tape to the top edge of the fabric and stitch together.  Start and stop stitching 1/2 inch from each end (this is so you can fold the zipper tape down when you do the sides).

Then pull up the bottom edge and pin that to the other side of the zipper tape, right sides facing and stitch together.

Before sewing up the sides, pin back the zipper tape edges so they'll stay under the stitching and hidden inside the purse when turned right side out.  Only place the pins in the seam allowance so no holes will show.  Also make sure the zipper is a bit open so you can unzip it completely to turn it.  Stitch with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

After sides are sewn up, trim down seam allowance with pinking shears:

Turn purse right side out.  On the purse I made as a gift, I added some jewelry wire and these fun elephant beads that were a perfect match to my fabric to make a zipper charm:

I've been using mine constantly as a coin purse and despite getting tossed around tons in my handbags, it looks great.  Added bonus - the colorful print makes it easy to find in the dark recesses of my bags too. 

Want a chance to win some of this fabric?  
I'm giving away this FQ trio of Waterproof Oxford fabric HERE.

I was not financially compensated for this post.  I received waterproof oxford fabric from Diaper Sewing Supplis to test sew and was not required to review or promote this fabric or their shop.  The opinions are completely my own, based on my experience. For my complete disclosure policy, click here. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much - I loved this elephant print so much I couldn't stop making things with it:)

  2. Love it! Just gave me the idea for pencil pouches, just need to size it up and allow for 1.5" on the bottom side to put grommets for binder use. This fabric would make them like the more expensive sturdy ones at the office supply.

    1. AWESOME idea! Now I totally want to make one like that. LOL.

    2. I have been trying to think of little things like that to make and give the kids in my son's kindie class instead of sugar treats for holiday handouts... I think of my kiddo and if I gave him the option of a cookie or a galaxy pencil pouch he would go for the pouch especially if there were already other treats.

  3. Love this zip up purse. Thanks for showing how to make it! :)

  4. Love this zip up purse. Thanks for showing how to make it! :)

  5. Love this zip up purse. Thanks for showing how to make it! :)

  6. I need to whip up about a dozen of these, thanx.

  7. Great tutorial, Cheryl. The waterproof fabric is great, plus the purse design and colorful print make this zip-up purse as cute as it is handy. These would be great for both personal use and as gifts!

  8. so pretty, so easy and so quick! love it :)

  9. This would be such a great place to hide some cash or a gift card! So cute!

    Crafty Journal

  10. I know this is a very old post but I'm hoping you see this. Thank you for the simple tutorial. When pinning back the zipper tape edges, it appears that they are folded completely in the seam allowance so that when sewing the sides, the zipper tape will not be stitched at all. That wouldn't make sense, of course. So where do you pin the zipper tape and then where do you sew your side seams? Thank you very much - and for the fabric recommendation. I purchased the Oxford cloth and am trying to make a pouch out of it.

    1. You only fold the tape edges a bit, as shown in the photo so when you sew the side seams that have a 1/2inch allowance, you're sewing just before the folded part so the side seam crosses the seams already sewn for the zipper at the top. Then everything is stitched up. I hope that makes sense.

  11. It is such a cute purse, I totally fell in love with the cute elephant charms and of course your purse. It is great that it is quick to make.

    1. Thanks! As soon as I saw those charms I knew they had to go with it. I've used mine as a change purse and it's so handy. Still looks brand new too thanks to the durable fabric.


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