Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Easy Last Minute Holiday Crafts Round-Up

Christmas is quickly approaching, so I thought I'd do a round-up of some of my quick festive craft tutorials.  A few fun, last minute ideas, or for you super planners, some projects to pin or plan for next year.  These are all fast & easy - a quick trip to your craft store or stash is all that's needed to pull them off in time:)

On To The Holiday Crafts:

Use my FREE pdf pattern to make a Felt Hedgehog Ornament (also makes a great pincushion or pet toy).

Grab some Duck Tape and make a Mailbox for Santa:

Add some felt or fleece to a plain top to make a festive Gingerbread Man (or Woman) Shirt:

Make a little mistletoe magic with my Kiss Me Hanging Decoration:

Grab some melt & pour soap base and some minty oil to make some Candy Cane Soaps:

And of course my new favorite, anyone can make it, holiday item, my Indoor Snowball Fight Set:

I just made an impromptu bonus set to gift to the niece & nephew - using a different style container, so it's easy to use whatever you've got:

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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