Friday, June 28, 2013

Easy Crafting: Hair Clip Making Kits by Make The World Prettier

As you could see from my DIY Barrette Organizer Board earlier this week, I've really gotten into making hair accessories for my little miss.  It's fun & totally addicting!  But I'm also trying a realist when it comes to the supplies.  I might make a pair or two with a particular print ribbon or embellishment, but I don't want to have to buy yards of one ribbon design or a dozen of the same resin flat backs.  When actually you add up those amounts at the end of the day, it doesn't really save you much compared to the already made clips.  

For this reason, I'm so excited to share something new from my sweet sponsor Make The World Prettier.

This shop is already a great source for unusual and unique fabric & ribbons, but now they also offer Barrette/Hair Clip Making Kits.  This means instead of spending ages trying to find the right size & color ribbons, matching embellishments, hardware and a how-to, you can just get started making them!

I made some new clips with a few of these kits and am so thrilled with how they turned out.  Have a look at these cuties I created with the Fishy kit:

I love how they provide a nice variety to build up a hair accessory collection or to make as gifts, but still keep it reasonable on the wallet.  I made these little Ice Cream Treats too:

Since nearly everything but the hot glue was included, it was so simple to just start crafting. Each kit comes with 3 different ribbons and a nice assortment of coordinating resin flat backs, so you just heat up your glue gun, cut the ribbon and get going.  A lot easier than wasting hours surfing online or driving around trying to find all the supplies separately.  And even if you're not super crafty, these kits come with step-by-step instructions with photos and helpful hints.

This year it's been harder to make time to work on things, shop for supplies and get to all the projects on my to-do list, so being able to knock out some adorable, custom hair clips in no time feels great.  It's just a bit challenging getting "in the hair" pics since she refuses to sit still long enough to focus! 

I already made a few sets, but there are several others on my to-get list.  Check out how adorable this Penny Candy Barrette Making Kit is - I LOVE the candy buttons and little bubble gums!

I've got my eye on the Mermaid Dolphin Barrette Making Kit as well.  The little print ribbon gives me a total vintage toy Sea-Wees vibe:

They've also got great print ribbon by the yard, in lots of widths, like these summery chevrons:   

And in case you don't have little ladies, Make The World Prettier also offers fabrics that are ideal for the boys, babies & other sewing projects:

There are lots of fun things to find and they always arrive nice & fast too.  Have a look at Make The World Prettier & get your pretty hair clip making on too!

This is a sponsored post, for which I received compensation.  The opinions are completely my own, based on my honest experience with the items referenced that I have purchased myself from this sponsor.


  1. Love these themed barrette kits. Color combos and embellishments are delightful!

  2. Those are such a cute idea! Love the different themes.


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