Thursday, December 20, 2012

Four Creative & Crowd Pleasing Christmas Crafts

Looking for some last minute ideas that will really add some sparkle to the season?  Here are a few of my favorite projects from past holidays that were real crowd pleasers too.  All are easy on the budget, fun to make and use simple materials.  Just what a busy craft lover can use this close to Christmas!

Make some fun & festive Candy Cane Soaps.  These make a fabulous gift!
Get some super-quick seasonal barrettes going with just a little ribbon, felt & hot glue using my Reindeer Barrettes tutorial.
Or if you love the sweets of the season, but not the calories, grab a little wood house, glitter & glue to make a lovely Glitter Cottage:
Or try a fabric version with my Fleece Gingerbread House tutorial:
Let your creativity shine this season!  Happy Holidays.


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