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Quilted Up: My Stylish Storage Box Tutorial

Since I'm celebrating National Quilting Month I thought I'd share one more quilted project tutorial: My Stylish Storage Boxes.  Firm walled, padded, quilted boxes that are just perfect for storing anything - wine glasses, plates, magazines, clothes, etc.  Pretty enough to keep out, but also ideal on a shelf or in a closet.  Using two coordinated prints means they make a perfect pair:

I used these fabulous Script prints from the Library collection by Timeless Treasures.  They make things look classy, but still understated:

The quilting adds some nice texture and the lettering on the black print is a shimmery gold so it's a really lovely effect.  Now here's how to make them!

You'll Need:
- 2 1/4yds Outer Fabric
- 2 1/4yds Inner Fabric
- 3 yds Fusible Fleece
- 1/2 yd 96in wide Batting
- 3 yds Ultra firm, heavy weight stabilizer
- 2 packages of Quilter's Tape
- Sewing Machine & Notions (iron, pins, ruler, marking pen/chalk, heavy duty needles, thread, scissors)

Note: I made these boxes really big to hold lots (the large is 17in x 13 in x 11in), but you could scale them down to just about any dimensions.  

First cut out the bottom and side pieces from outer, inner, batting and stabilizer using the following measurements:  

For big box
Front & Back Sides: 18in wide x 12in high
Sides: 14in wide x 12in high
Bottom: 18in wide 14in high

For small box
Front & Back Sides: 16in wide x 10in high
Sides: 12in wide x 10in high
Bottom: 16in wide 12in high

Cut a double set of fusible fleece (one to attach to outer, one for the inner):

With wrong sides together, iron the fusible fleece onto the outer & inner fabrics.  Take outer fabric sides and starting from a corner, draw diagonal lines spaced 1.25in apart, then starting at the opposite corner draw lines in the other direction so you have a lattice design. Don't you love that this ruler pays compliments?  Someone running for mayor gave these out years ago.  He totally gets my vote!

Lay the batting underneath the fleece side.  Topstitch along the lines to make the quilting.  It will look like this on the back when finished:

With right sides facing, match up and pin together the raw edges of front side and bottom, width-wise and stitch together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Leave 1/2 inch un-sewn at beginning and end of seam.

Repeat on opposite end with back side, so it looks like this opened up:

Do the same with the smaller sides:

Now pull sides together and pin and stitch together with a 1/2in seam allowance to form the corners.  This makes the quilted, outer box layer.  Repeat the above step of stitching together the box with the ultra firm stabilizer as the sole backing to make the box lining (which will give it the structure and support).  The inner doesn't need any fleece or batting or to get quilted.

Trim all seams and corners from both layers and then insert inner fabric into outer, matching corner seams, and pinning along the top edges:

Join the layers by encasing the raw edges with the quilter's tape and stitch into place:

Now the Stylish Storage Boxes are ready to keep things organized AND look good at the same time!

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  1. I love those prints! What a great use for them!

  2. Great job on those! I'd never have thought to put my stemware in something like that, but it's just PERFECT for those fragile rims!!! Love how your tutorial was easy to read and follow. I need to make some of those!!!
    Thanks so much for linking up with my party!!

  3. Love the "boxes" and the print! Hope you don't mind if I pin them for inspiration, and I start following along!
    Amy @

  4. Cheryl these are wonderful!!!! P.S> thank you for joining in the blog hop fun :-)

  5. Lovely idea! I've made some storage boxes before ( but these ones look much easier! Thanks!

  6. How cute! Love the fabric choices.

  7. Super cute storage boxes! I'm loving the fabric!

    Thanks so much for stopping by to link up!


  8. Love the fabric! Great tutorial - you made it seem so easy to do! It would be just perfect for stemware and other breakables. I would love it if you would consider linking to Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy, a Sunday through Thursday link party for ideas that make life easier, better and more fun!

  9. Wow this is awesome! What a great idea to make your own storage boxes so they are just the style and fabric you're looking for. Thanks for linking up to What I Learned Wednesday! I look forward to seeing more!

  10. These are adorable! I love the fabric that you used. I think I'll have to give these a try. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. These are lovely! Thanks so much for sharing at Beautify It Monday - We hope you'll come back next week!

  12. Love those boxes Cheryl! and a great choice of material too!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  13. Great project! Makes me think I need to organize my closets better. Thanks for linking up at Etcetorize~

  14. You made that look so easy! I love cute storage. Thanks for sharing with air your laundry friday, Cheryl!

  15. Great work, you've managed to make it look so easy to do. I just love the fabric!

  16. Nice tutorial! I'm confused about when you put the quilt batting in though? It's not in the instructions anywhere...

    1. After you've ironed the Fusible Fleece onto the back of the fabric, just place the batting underneath and then do the diagonal quilting stitches. Then all the layers are sewn together:)

    2. That's what I thought, just wanted to make sure. Thanks! :)

    3. I got the batting, but where does the heavy weight stabilizer go in this sandwich? I see, fabric, fusible fleece and batting, but no mention of stabilizer. I think of stabilizer as being the same as interfacing, is that what you are referring to here? I think I would put it on the back of the fabric first, before the fleece, but not sure. Or would it be after the batting?

    4. I had a note about using the ultra firm stabilizer as the only backing for the inner fabric, but have updated it to clarify it better. This explains it. After you've made the outer box (fusing the fleece, adding the batting behind, quilting and then stitching the sides to make the box shape, "Repeat the above step of stitching together the box with the ultra firm stabilizer as the sole backing to make the box lining (which will give it the structure and support). The inner doesn't need any fleece or batting or to get quilted."


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