Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FREE Project Patterns: Mod Kitchen Set

How about we get this week going with some FREE patterns?  Today I'm sharing my Mod Kitchen Set.   I'd really love to renovate my kitchen, but new cabinets, counters, etc. cost big bucks.  Using a little fabric, you can give your kitchen a stylish, custom look for a small fraction of the price with this FREE 5 piece pattern & tutorial set!

It starts with my Hot Pocket Apron, a tie-back half apron with circular pockets that are built-in hot pads. No more searching for oven mitts in front of the oven or having to use towels transferring things to the dining table.  Perfect for a busy cook or hostess!

This Insulated Casserole Carrier makes it easy to transport piping hot dishes. Keeps the "fresh-from-the oven" heat in, and simple to carry, with snap up side and looped handles.  And look cute at the same time!

Turn plain tea towels from “blah” to “ah!” with some simple applique to add the perfect matching touch to the kitchen with my Mod Dot Applique Towels:

And round out the look with my Mod Circle Trivets.  Simple & stylish, round hot pads to protect and decorate the table or countertop:

I designed this set for PellonProjects.com.  You can download all the patterns and a complete tutorial, with step-by-step photos, over HERE.  And it's ALL FREE!


  1. Your kitchen set is so great! Thank you for sharing the how-to-do!

    Mommy Sauri~

  2. Ooh these are so cute! I will have to try them out!

  3. So awesome - I love all the different pieces - what fun gift sets ;)

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