Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Easy Last Minute Valentine's Ideas

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With Valentine's Day upon us, I though I'd do a quick montage of some quick & easy Valentine's projects from past Valentine's posts.  So if you're short on time & ideas, or don't want to spend hours scouring the internet looking for stuff to do in a hurry, this post is for you!

How about some cute & sweet Marshmallow Love Bugs?  Guest poster Meaghan (of Sugarlicious book fame) showed how to make these adorable and edible cuties:

Or try making some Tasty Tootsie Hearts.  This no-stove required chocolate treat can be made in minutes (and eaten just as fast too):

Valentine's Silhouette Lamp - use a cutting machine, exacto knife or some careful scissors to make some conversation hearts to add some luminescent love to a plain light to show how someone makes your heart glow:

And if you're counting calories, how about some Chocolate Playdough? Super easy and smells delicious too!

And if you have a little more free time to put something together, how about some felt Heart Tarts?  Inexpensive & guaranteed to be fresh next year too:

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!

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  1. Hi, Cheryl. I featured one of your creations on my blog today.



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