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Guest Post: the decorated cookie's Thanksgiving Marshmallows

Need a quick & easy food idea for tomorrow's Thanksgiving meal?  My lovely friend Meaghan from the decorated cookie has a fun and fast treat tutorial from her festive files to share.  It's also a great way to keep the kids busy while everyone else is working in the kitchen!!  Take it away Meaghan:

As seems my pattern, here are some last minute Thanksgiving treats: marshmallows! All you need is a set of edible writers and some marshmallows. You can even add a lollipop stick if you like. And if you need more Fall-themed ideas for drawing on marshmallows, click HERE and HERE.

edible writers. For all of the designs you'll need: black, brown, red, orange, and yellow. I suggest a set of Americolor Gourmet Writers or the FooDoodler Fine Line set. Find lollipop sticks (if using) in the baking aisle of the craft store. And use the standard marshmallows from the supermarket. For tips on finding supplies, click HERE.

what to do
Draw on the marshmallows. Use the step-by-steps below if you like. That's it.  A few tips: It helps to let the marshmallows sit out for a couple hours to stiffen on the outside. You can't top a color with another, so try and keep the colors separate. Unless you want the colors to blend (like for the feathers). Use black last for the outlines, eyes, details, etc., as black will layer on top of other colors. If you don't want colors to blend or bleed, let them dry about ten minutes before switching markers.

activity idea
Last year for the two kids at my Thanksgiving, I had a cookie decorating activity (see it here). An idea for this year? Drawing on marshmallows. All of the drawings below are pretty easy and kid-friendly, especially the turkey. Only the pumpkin pie is a little tricky. Package some markers and some marshmallows in a jar or favor bag and tie with ribbon. A great way to keep kids entertained before... or maybe better...after dinner. Just for you, I made a printable instruction sheet of the how-tos below. Just print on a letter-size piece of white photo paper or cardstock with your color printer. CLICK HERE for the printable.

the drawings


 1. draw a brown line
2. draw a bunch of red lines
3. draw a bunch of orange lines in between the red lines (the colors will blend a bit, that's good)
4. add some yellow lines around the edges
5. add a black line along the brown line and outline a few spots around the edge

pumpkin pie

1. use black to draw the whipped cream
2. make three brown dots
3. make a lying-down "L" shape with brown
4. fill in the pie with orange
5. outline the pie with black


1. draw the sail with black
2. draw a line with a triangle
3. with brown, draw the top of the boat (a line with a semicircle in the middle)
4. with brown, draw the bottom of the boat (three lines)
5. fill the boat with brown
6. fill the flag with any color
7. outline the boat with black

turkey leg

 1. draw and fill a light bulb shape with brown
2. draw an upside down question mark with black
3. repeat in the opposite direction
4. outline the brown with black


1. draw and fill a brown circle for the head
2. draw and fill a brown oval for the body
3. draw a yellow triangle for the beak
4. draw a red dot next to the beak
5. draw red lines for feathers
6. draw orange lines in between the red lines
7. draw a dot for the eye and two legs (vertical lines with three lines at the feet)

Thanks so much Meaghan.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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  1. What a fun idea! Everyone will want to help make them!



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