Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Newest Project:!

Today I'm excited to share both a new project and a whole new crafting adventure.  I was asked by Pellon (the fabulous maker of all sorts of stabilizers, battings & fusibles) if I would join them as a featured artist on their new site  It's a great source for downloadable projects, product info & project guides.  And it's organized by beginner, intermediate & advanced so it's easy to find just the right idea to match your skill level.  And it's FREE!!!!

I came up with this handy lunch set design which is as functional as it is fun.  You can find the full downloadable pattern & project guide HERE.  The tote is designed to be both insulated and waterproof on the inside:

and have a pouch for an ice pack so it will keep things nice & cool:

The pocket on the outside is perfect for storing napkins, utensils & other small items:

and the matching cup cosy is also insulated so drinks stay toasty hot, but hands won't:

It's been a fun experience designing for Pellon and I've got more project ideas in the works.  There's even a little bio for yours truly over there.  Stop by the site & check things out!


  1. What a fantastic opportunity for you, how exciting!

  2. Bravo pour cette opportunité et bonne chance.
    Le sac est super !


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