Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Felt Party Bags

Cheshire Cat and Queen of Hearts party bags

Today's CraftShare guest is Anji from Starking Crafty Party Ideas who is bringing a little how-to for making these Alice In Wonderland themed favor bags.

starking crafty party ideas

Anji's blog is from across the pond in Devon and she's got all kinds of cute crafty ideas for parties - especially the Alice-themed items she's done for her kids.  She even has an Etsy shop so you can get some of her goodies too.  Now onto how to make those bags:  

Party bags with felt shaped pockets

I had this idea for gingham party bags with felt shapes to represent different characters from Alice in Wonderland. We are a little mad on Alice in our house, and we’re planning an Alice theme for my daughter’s 5th birthday party this year.

Then I thought – what if the felt shapes were pockets too – how cool would that be?! We can slip a little something sweet along with a Thank-you note into each pocket..

I made up prototypes of the Cheshire Cat and Queen of Hearts styles, and here’s how I made them..

Materials needed:
• Felt
• Cotton gingham fabric
• Ribbon for handles
• Fusible interfacing
• Thread

To make:
• Cut out card templates for the felt shapes
• Draw around these onto the paper backing for the fusible interfacing
• Iron onto the felt
• Cut out felt to shape
• Iron onto gingham cotton fabric
• Cut out gingham to shape
• Sew sides and bottom of shape to party bag fabric, leaving the top open to
form the pocket
• With right sides together, sew up both sides (and bottom if necessary) of bag
• Turn over top hem and sew top hem and ribbon handles
• Add a few sweet favors and we’re ready for a Wonderland style Tea Party!

Thanks for the inspiration Anji!


  1. Thank you Cheryl for sharing my project!
    I hope your readers enjoy it, this technique could be used for all kinds of fun applications..

  2. Great idea Anji! Your felt pockets make those little bags just pop!

  3. Alice in wonderland is a great theme for a party since it is more of a magical style of background. The idea of felt pockets is just simply amazing! Thanks for sharing it!

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