Friday, June 12, 2009

Tie One On - Mei Tai Baby Carrier That Is!

Now that I've entered the third trimester, I'm starting to get organized for baby's arrival, so I can relax in the final weeks. We're repainting the nursery (Yay Benjamin Moore Natura paint!), my new organic crib mattress has arrived and I'm noting what other mainstays I still need to acquire. Owning an eco-friendly baby store is a huge advantage as an eco-conscious mom, but there are a few things outside my store's current offerings that I wanted to add in. One was a Mei Tai baby carrier. We sell some great, affordable, organic slings, which I love & plan to use, but I've also wanted to try out this style. I decided to take a stab at making one as opposed to spending upwards of $90 for one. After checking out several brands and reading a few how-tos for some basic tips, I came up with this:

I went with a combo of khaki twill & funky print cotton fabrics, so it is completely reversible with 1 print & 1 solid side. I also decided to pad the shoulder straps and pouch area with bamboo batting so it would have a bit more comfort for me & baby and contour the top area shape to help support a wobbly newborn neck and still only use natural fabrics.

My demo baby is riding a bit high since my in-utero baby makes tying around my waist impossible, but since he's weighted I got a good idea of how it will feel and it's very comfy. Just what I need for holding onto baby while chasing two other kids around.

Always one for safety first, I made sure every piece had tons of reinforced stitching everywhere, but to keep it being to overpowering looking near the straps, I made some shapes that complimented the print, so they would be effective for adding strength, but still subtle.

Now that I've given it a go and still have enough twill left for making another, I'm eyeing some of my other print fabrics to make another. Looking forward to when baby can hitch a ride on the outer side of me!


  1. Cute! I need to make another one... I love my slings, but a Mei Tai is amazing once they get too heavy for a long haul in a one shoulder number. Yours is beautiful, and I love the way you reinforced the stitching. SO pretty!

  2. Thanks! I figured this would be ideal for those early weeks when the baby likes to be right in the middle of your chest, but you are so right about the heavy weight on one shoulder - even balance is key for long term comfort for us moms!


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